Home News No Pass, 4 thousand in the rain at the Arco della Pace for Kennedy Jr: “Tool for coup d’etat”. Then procession towards Piazza Fontana

No Pass, 4 thousand in the rain at the Arco della Pace for Kennedy Jr: “Tool for coup d’etat”. Then procession towards Piazza Fontana

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At the Arco della Pace at 3 pm the authorized garrison of Children’s Health Defense Europe with the denier leader Robert Kennedy Junior. And it ended two and a half hours later under heavy rain. “The Green pass is a coup d’etat – thundered Bob’s third son and JFK’s nephew – it is the tool they use to take away your rights. It is not a health measure but a tool to control your movements and your current accounts” . “If the Green Pass is a health measure – he added – why is it not issued by the Ministry of Health? Instead it is issued by the Ministry of Finance, do they think we are stupid?”.

At the conclusion of the demonstration at the Arco della Pace, some of the participants sang the choirs ‘Corteo, corteo!’ A few hundreds of people therefore headed towards the center to reach Piazza Fontana where the people already present in the garrison against the Green Pass became more and more numerous.

However, a group of police forces closed access to Piazza Duomo and therefore the demonstrators were blocked in Via Orefici. Insults to journalists were raised from the march: “‘We have never been violent, you are liars”, in addition to the slogan “Milano it does not stop. “Confusion, chaos and shoving between demonstrators and police.

After a few moments of tension, chaos and pressures, “a few hundred demonstrators converged on Piazza Fontana where they were ‘encircled’ by the contingents of the police”. This was made known by the Police Headquarters, underlining that “numerous other demonstrators converged in an unorganized form in Piazza Duomo where they met without a precise plan and were monitored by the departments of the state police, carabinieri and financial police”.

The day of the ‘possible’ 17th unauthorized procession

The demonstration on Saturday 13 November has been on the agenda of the Milan Security Officers for days since 17th unauthorized procession is the first after the new rules of the Interior Ministry and the Prefecture which prohibit events that block the city center. Before the parade even the mayor Beppe Sala had not hidden his concern: “It is in the hands of the Police Headquarters. I can only be vigilant and be available on the phone for them. Unfortunately it is their thankless task today”.

Covid, the No Vax king of fake news Bob Kennedy Jr in Milan: “My uncle JFK would have supported me against the Green Pass”

No Green Pass, searches in Milan for attacks on journalists: “Plan the actions”, 4 suspects

The preparations for the event are on the Telegram chats

Before the demonstration, the messages on the Telegram chats had a goal: to ensure those who wanted to take to the streets against the Green Pass that the measures of the Interior Ministry – resumed by the prefect Renato Saccone who expressed the guidelines in harmony with the head of public order, the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi – would not have prevented the demonstrations. Presumed “experts” lengthened in explanations of how to behave in case of arrest by the police. And then comments under the photos of Piazza Fontana, now the usual place for gatherings: “It seems that they want to block it, we will do the same, at the limit we move towards the Duomo. Around 5 pm as always”. Not only Piazza Fontana: barriers have been placed in front of the Rai to avoid gatherings.

No Green Pass, searches in Milan for threats to journalists: 4 suspects

Yesterday at the police station no notice on the march

At the police station late yesterday evening no notice had arrived on the classic Saturday procession of the No Vax-No Green Pass. In this case, taking to the streets is allowed, “as long as the demonstrations are peaceful”, but “only in static form”.

“We trust in everyone’s common sense in respecting the rules that do not arise in this situation emergency but which are contained in the Constitution, without infringing the rights of others: respecting the rules is a guarantee for everyone. “Thus Prefect Saccone reminds us that the advance notice for demonstrations is contained in our Constitution and is not a contingent reminder. a massive strengthening of law enforcement in the field, ready to intervene to ensure compliance with the legislation.

No Pass in Milan, prefecture prohibits unannounced parades: “Only static form”. Piazza Duomo and Corso Vittorio Emanuele off limits

Until 9 January in Piazza Duomo only religious and cultural events

Until 9 January it was decided that Piazza Duomo and the Corso Vittorio Emanuele axis on the days before holidays and holidays will be reserved only for “religious and civil, cultural, commercial and entertainment events planned or sponsored by the Municipality”. This is because “installations and market structures will be set up in the area which, combined with the already massive influx of citizens, constitute an objective impediment to concomitant events that are not coherent and compatible with the context, for obvious safety reasons, in particular from the health point of view. and safety “.

From today, particular attention is also announced to comply with the anti-Covid legislation, “proceeding with the adoption of sanctions in cases of non-use of personal protective equipment in situations of persistent crowds”. With the prefect who warns that in a possible “yellow zone any procession is forbidden and the right to demonstrate would be reduced for all”.

Bob Kennedy jr, in Milan the king of fake news: “Here to say that vaccines kill”

by Paolo Berizzi


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