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No Vax goes for the vaccine with a silicone arm to get the Green Pass. The nurse does not fall for it: reported

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Per do not get the vaccine and have the same the Green Pass thought the unthinkable: a fake arm in which to have the injection given. It happened today, Thursday 2 December, in the Biver Banca vaccination center in Biella, where direct access is allowed, without reservation, for those who decide to undergo the first dose: a fifty years old showed up with a silicone arm, which included the shoulder col deltoid muscle in which to thread the needle, thinking they can fool healthcare professionals, bypass the system and thus obtain the Green Pass without actually having the vaccine.

The man has followed the whole bureaucratic process, he has signed the consent before the doctor and then he sat down in the chair to receive the vaccine by exposing the shoulder. However, things turned out differently than his plans. Although the silicone application was very similar to real leather, the color and perception to touch they have suspicious the health worker involved in vaccination, who then asked the “patient” to show his entire arm. Once discovered, the man tried to persuade the operator to turn a blind eye. It was instead reported to the carabinieri, with a report signed by a doctor and operator, and the ASL will also report the case in Search.

That of the unconscious No Vax from Biella may not be an isolated case: on November 24, in fact, he appeared on Twitter a singular message, named “Giuseppe Maria Natale” (written in Cyrillic) in which it appears, on sale on Amazon for 488 euros and 75 cents, a silicone bodysuit-bust, complete with fake arms, neck and muscles, with the inscription, in Italian, “If I go with this they notice it? Maybe under this silicone bust I can also put on some other garment to avoid getting the needle to my real arm. “This was written by the fifty-year-old pinched red-handed in Biella? he contemplated the same undertaking using what, again on Amazon, is described as a clever camouflage for “become a muscular and robust guy with big arms “?

They explain to the ASL of Biella that “similar events occur especially now because those who come now to undergo the first doses belong essentially to three categories: who delayed the dose for health reasons and has a medical certificate, i doubters who are convinced, and who stays the opposite but he needs the green pass and he invents these things “.

“The case borders on the ridiculous, were it not that we are talking about a gesture of enormous gravity, unacceptable in the face of the sacrifice that the pandemic is making our entire community pay, in terms of human lives and social and economic costs – underline the president of the Piedmont Region Alberto Cirio and the councilor for health Luigi Genesio Icardi – The promptness and skill of the operator have ruined the plans of this subject who is now talking about it will answer to justice“.

A “Thank you“Instead, Cirio and Icardi underline, it goes to”all health professionals engaged continuously for months in our vaccination campaign without ever lowering attention and professionalism, starting precisely with those who acted promptly this evening in Biella, one of the first ASL to have also already achieved virtuously more than 93 percent of the target daily administrations that the Region has given to its health companies to run faster and faster with third doses”.

“Facts like this are unbelievable – he adds Luca Sala, director of the prevention department of Asl Biella – It is mad, however, because we have 60 people including nurses, doctors and staff I administered daily employees in the vaccination campaign: episodes like this type demean the daily commitment, on Saturdays and Sundays, and also the overtime we all do to respond to requests “.


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