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No Vax, Government-Regions common front: “We give answers to those who are vaccinated”

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Common front government Regions to face the fourth wave. Thus, the day after the summit at Palazzo Chigi promoted to find the right balance on the measures and restrictions to be adopted, the reactions arrive. For the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia the priorities are now two: “Do not shut down and give an answer to those who have been vaccinated”. The president of Liguria, Giovanni Toti, calls for an “increase in border controls with countries with greater traffic”, while his colleague from Valle d’Aosta, Erik Lavevaz, reiterates that he “protects the winter tourist season that is opening up”. The Sicilian governor Nello Musumeci, on the other hand, goes further and invokes the obligation to vaccinate. A measure, also supported by Confindustria and the workers’ unions, which, however, is not currently being examined by the government. During the week, however, a decision will be taken on the obligation of the third dose for health professionals, as confirmed by Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa himself. “I believe it will be the definitive choice, to provide for the obligation of a third dose for all citizens for whom the vaccination obligation is currently foreseen – he said -. I believe this is a logical and common sense consequence ».

In short, the intention is to go compact towards weeks that promise to be difficult on the front of the pandemic. Throughout Europe, infections are rampant, in Germany and Austria the situation is dramatic, but also in Italy, despite a less worrying situation, delicate cases arrive from some areas. Like Friuli, Alto Adige and Trentino. Friuli with two feet in the yellow zone and Alto Adige in serious difficulty and with about twenty municipalities already affected by the “corpifuoco” due to parameters out of range.

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Another No Green Pass procession is expected in Trieste

New no green pass procession, in the meantime, this afternoon in Trieste: the local police announced it on Facebook. “Tuesday afternoon – writes the command on the social network – possible traffic delays due to the development of the“ No green pass ”parade”. After the departure, at 4.30 pm, from piazzale delle Puglie, the procession will continue along via Lorenzetti, Orlandini, of Istria, Campo San Giacomo, via dell’Istria, largo Pestalozzi, via Molino a Vento, piazza Garibaldi, via Pascoli and Accounts. The arrival is expected in Piazza Perugino.

Arbignani: “The Regions have understood that there is a need for unity”

There is no right, there is no left. “The news is that the presidents of the Region, right and left, have all understood that now more than ever there is a need for strong unity and strategies,” Sergio Abrignani, immunologist of the University, told Corriere della Sera. Statale di Milano, member of the technical-scientific committee, because he explains, this means that «those who govern understand that it is time to embrace and move together for the country. The pandemic is marching but we could once again give an example to the rest of Europe which has perhaps made too many errors of underestimation ». Tighten therefore “with a decisive campaign for third doses and with the introduction of a more rigid green passport for the unvaccinated”.

Fedriga and the sharing of objectives with Salvini

“There is sharing on the objectives: to protect people’s health and give certainty to economic operators, especially now that we are at the gates of the winter season”, explains Massimiliano Fedriga, governor of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in an interview with Corriere della Sera. and at the summit of the Conference of the Regions, according to which «our proposal to differentiate the restrictive measures in relation to vaccination has been listened to with attention. Remember the colored areas? One hypothesis is that the restrictive measures do not apply to those who have undergone vaccination. These will be guaranteed the possibility of continuing to carry out the activities otherwise prohibited ”, says Fedriga. In short, despite the doubts not hidden by the government, we are moving towards the super green pass. To this remark, the governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia replies: «I think it is a plausible hypothesis, and I clarify it better. With the tampon you will only be allowed to go to work. To carry out the activities prohibited in the specific area, it will be necessary to be vaccinated or cured ». As for relations with Salvini and the fact that he was not present at a meeting with Zaia and Fontana, Fedriga points out: «We spoke several times during the day. See you today with the federal secretary. But I remember that all positions are agreed with him ”, concludes the Friulian governor.

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Giani: “Freedom for those who are vaccinated”

“I think that the super green pass is appropriate, and that it is appropriate to define the spaces for the circulation of people with the absolute title of freedom for those who have been vaccinated”. Thus the president of the Tuscany region, Eugenio Giani, speaking to ‘Radio too’ on Radio1. “We had in Tuscany, in August, 66% of vaccinated people – he added -, and therefore a situation similar to what is now in Germany, 4,880 infections a week. Now that we are 82.9% of the vaccinated population, we have a weekly average of 2,700 infections. So we want the Green pass more and more rigorous, more and more limited to the vaccinated. If one decides not to get vaccinated, this decision is protected against his individual profile. But with respect to its participation in collective life it cannot condition others, proposing itself as an element to accelerate the spread of the contagion. In public places, in my opinion, except for essential things, school, work, shopping – concluded Giani – the unvaccinated must be limited “.

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