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No vax obstructionists: there is the hypothesis of the crime of interruption of public service

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Friday summit in the Prefecture to take stock of the phenomenon that spread from Veneto. Cases reported in Pordenone, Udine and Gemona. Riccardi: we have reached the limit

UDINE. The groups organized in the chats, the appointments made by the dozen for the same day and the same vaccination hub, the usual litany of questions to health workers and, in the end, the refusal to undergo the anti Covid injection. The phenomenon of the no vax obstructionists, born in Treviso, has spread in the last two weeks in Friuli Venezia Giulia, with cases reported in Pordenone, Udine and the other day, perhaps the most sensational, in Gemona, with 120 people who, in the end, they deserted vaccination, wasting time for those who really wanted protection and above all for doctors and nurses, already under pressure for two years due to the pandemic.

And so the authorities want to run for cover, first whoever the phenomenon spreads like wildfire and proselytism gathers new followers to the cause.

For Friday, in fact, the prefect of Udine Massimo Marchesiello has convened a summit with the regional health authorities and with the representatives of the police.

The aim is to include these demonstrative actions within the scope of the criminal offense of interruption of public service, which provides for a penalty of up to one year of imprisonment. Alternative measures will be outlined on the table, but sanctions and alerts at the moment appear to be quite difficult to practice.

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It is the prefect Marchesiello himself who does not underestimate these acts repeated in a few days. «We will evaluate the situation with the managers of the health authorities to connect – explains the prefect of Udine -, we will try to understand the exact extent of the phenomenon, which has recently spread to the Northeast. We are facing a real obstruction by the no vax, there could be the identification of the people who lend themselves to this type of staging. We will contact the judicial authority to see if it is possible to count these cases as an interruption of public service.

Moreover, if a planned obstruction is created, by several people who present themselves in the same way and with specious questions to the health professionals, it means that the aim is to interrupt the vaccination chain “.

Deputy Governor Riccardo Riccardi also spoke about the affair: “In recent months we have endured – he says – even those who shouted in the squares, but here we are at the limit of public order provisions”. Asufc director general Denis Caporale is disappointed, but he would like the spotlight to be turned off on these events, so as not to give visibility to the no vax: “We react to the provocation by continuing to vaccinate, this is our fundamental task – he explains -. The more we pay attention, the more they will continue to make these gestures. They disturb queues and vaccination centers and consequently affect the health of others, but as far as I’m concerned they are non-existent people. Our professionals in the vaccination centers continue to do their job with rigor, which is to vaccinate people who have regularly booked ”.

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Finally, the mayor of Gemona, the city at the center of the most relevant case, with 120 no vax that the other day targeted the vaccination hub, in a post on Fb condemns the act. “Probably – observes Revelant – the right thing to do would be to not give space to these stupid things that I hope there is the possibility of prosecuting through legal channels and maybe (even if I see it difficult, at least for now) to introduce him as well account of the lack of vaccination following the booking.

Perhaps it has not yet been understood that the considerable effort of health companies for the vaccination campaign is removing health workers, and these situations do nothing but contribute in part to extending the time required for the reactivation of essential services to citizens. But perhaps after two years it is still not clear enough.

The real problem is that if medicine has found an answer to so many diseases, the battle against idiots is always lost.

And it is not a question between those who have joined or have not joined the vaccination, but between those who are interrupting a public service and those who would like to get vaccinated in compliance with the indications in force, and I remember that the percentage of membership is now close to 90% of the population. “.

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