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Northwest Mecklenburg: No new refugees in the district for the time being > – News

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Northwest Mecklenburg: No new refugees in the district for the time being  > – News

Status: 03/22/2023 10:14 a.m

For capacity reasons, Northwest Mecklenburg is not accepting any new refugees for the time being. According to NDR information, the six district administrators and the Ministry of the Interior have agreed on this transitional arrangement.

With the admission of new refugees, Northwest Mecklenburg has reached the capacity limit of the community accommodation.

At a meeting on Friday, the district administrators and Interior Minister Christian level (SPD) agreed that Northwest Mecklenburg would initially no longer have to take in any more refugees. After the construction of the planned accommodation in Upahl was stopped for the time being by court, the district lacks places for accommodation. According to the district, all existing accommodation is occupied.

Quota for Northwest Mecklenburg should be made up for

Until the district has created new accommodation, the other five districts will take in the refugees who should have come to Northwest Mecklenburg. However, the district has to compensate for this by the end of the year. If new accommodations are found or built in Northwest Mecklenburg, the district will then be assigned more refugees and the other districts fewer. This is intended to make up for the applicable quota for 2023, according to the joint statement by the district council and the Ministry of the Interior.

According to the Interior Ministry, this procedure is not uncommon. It has been used repeatedly in the past.

Further information

Refugees from Ukraine go towards the Hanseatic Fair in Rostock.  © dpa/Zentralbild Photo: Bernd Wüstneck

Burkhard Biemel, mayor of the municipality of Dorf Mecklenburg in the Northwest Mecklenburg district, says the municipalities are left alone with the problems. more

Tino Schomann (CDU), District Administrator in Northwest Mecklenburg.  © dpa Photo: Jens Büttner

In a radio interview, Schwesig had called for smaller accommodations for refugees. That makes it too easy for you, according to CDU faction leader Liskow. more

Demonstrators in Grevesmühlen © NDR Photo: Thomas Potapski

In Northwest Mecklenburg, the fight for accommodation for refugees continues. 10 out of 11 municipalities have now published a joint statement. more

Grevesmühlen: In front of the Grevesmühlen malt factory, participants in a demonstration protest against the planned refugee accommodation in Upahl during a meeting of the Northwest Mecklenburg district council.  © Thomas Häntzschel/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa +++ dpa picture radio +++ Photo: Thomas Häntzschel/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa +++ dpa picture radio +++

According to the police, up to 550 people demonstrated in front of the meeting building. The protest was peaceful and without incident. more

The entrance sign of Upahl.  © dpa photo: Bernd Wüstneck

In this way, the resolutions on the planned refugee accommodation in Upahl are to be rescinded. more

Demonstrators in Upahl © NDR Photo: Christoph Woest

The residents of Upahl demonstrated against the container village for refugees in their village on Saturday. more

A crowd of people in front of a brick building © Screenshot

After meeting District Administrator Schomann, one thing is clear: In addition to the planned accommodation in Upahl, there must be opportunities in other communities in the district. more

A woman sits with her back to the wall and holds her hands in front of her face defensively.  © NDR Photo: Julius Matuschik

Professor Borwin Bandelow, psychiatrist and neurologist from the University Hospital in Göttingen, explains where the causes lie. more

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