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Not only Covid, politics and sports are being filmed on TV and newspapers

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With hospitals under pressure again and the numbers of infections growing, Covid-19 is still predominant in the Italian media: 56% of the citations in the media concern topics related to the pandemic but, unlike the initial phase of the health emergency , today, almost two years after the Codogno “patient zero”, politics (25%) and sport (19%) also have a relevant space.

This is what emerges from an analysis of over 1,500 sources, including print media, national radio and TV and the main regional broadcasters carried out by Mediamonitor.it, a platform that uses technology and solutions developed by Cedat 85, a company that has been operating for over 35 years in the supply of content from speech. The monitoring sought to identify the hottest topics in the media from November 3 to December 3.

In the last 30 days, with regard to Covid-19, the voice “third dose” (69,673 citations) has been held, thanks to the launch of the vaccination booster; the fear of more drastic containment measures, already adopted in Austria and Germany, leads to “lockdown” 57,923 mentions, while the weekly protests and demonstrations of those who oppose the vaccination campaign pushes the voice “no vax” to 55,502.

Among the key issues of the political debate, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan stands out: the acronym “PNRR”, with 51,839 citations, overcomes the jumble of hypotheses on the race to the Quirinale (32,660), with Mario Draghi who, in the media, almost double Silvio Berlusconi (17,931 mentions vs 9,362) among the candidates for the succession of Sergio Mattarella. The most important economic maneuver of the year, the “budget law” which normally dominated the media scene in this period, is now in third place (27,239), followed by “citizenship income” (23,841).

As far as sport is concerned, as expected it is football that reigns supreme. The ranking drawn up by Mediamonitor.it overturns that of the Serie A championship and sees Napoli in the lead (20,718 citations) ahead of Milan (18,968) and Inter (17,930). Apart from the results in the league, the story of the false capital gains involving Juventus makes the Juventus team 4,407 citations, a thousand fewer than the awarding of the Golden Ball (5,313), won amid a thousand controversies by Lionel Messi (2,146) while many considered Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski (1,594) more deserving. Among so much football, there is also space for tennis with Italy’s adventure in the Davis Cup, unfortunately ended in the quarter-finals against Croatia, which won 3,801 mentions.

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