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Nothing has happened for Salvini: “The federal congress when we have been in government for some time”. But the base murmurs, Zaia: “Disappointing result. Now serious reflection on the causes “

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Nothing has happened for Salvini: “The federal congress when we have been in government for some time”.  But the base murmurs, Zaia: “Disappointing result.  Now serious reflection on the causes “

This time no one looks out from the Lega headquarters in Via Bellerio. In 2019, after the European elections, Giancarlo Giorgetti brandished a statuette of Alberto da Giussano from a window of the League’s offices, the character who stands on the symbol of the party led by Matteo Salvini. The consensus of over 34% was preceded by 17% in the 2018 policies and soon led to the crisis of Count II with the request for “full powers” from the beaches of Papeete. The late morning of September 26 has a different, bittersweet flavor for the leaders of the League. 8.8% of the elections represent the lowest point of Matteo Salvini’s secretariat, able between 2016 and 2019 to build a strong, impactful image for himself and equally incapable, from the Conte II crisis onwards, to be the face of the center-right coalition.

«9% does not satisfy me, last night I went to bed pissed but now I’m spring loaded. I take responsibility, no to self-absolution ». No self-absolution, but not even self-criticism, since these are the only points of serious comment in the elections. The 100 parliamentarians, or a little less, that the League will be able to elect are largely the result of the result of Giorgia Meloni, driving force of the coalition. A small consolation that of the elected officials if you compare the data between the elections of 2018 and those just passed.While in the other field, the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, announces a new congress and his intention not to run again, for Salvini a federal congress is a hypothesis later in time: «We must evaluate with Roberto Calderoli, who is the leading expert, how long it will take us to hold all the city congresses, then provincial and regional ones. Then we’ll have a nice federal congress with ideas, at which point the League will be in government for some time “

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Matteo Salvini’s party led the coalition in all regions of Italy, including in the Lazio 01 constituency, an electoral fort for Giorgia Meloni’s party. In the North there was no history. The League ruled in Veneto, Lombardy and Friuli-Venezia-Giulia where it expressed the strength of the class of governors at its disposal. In Lombardy, where the Lombard Bossian League was born, in the four constituencies the average of the votes was just over 29%. In Veneto, where Luca Zaia has governed with plebiscite percentages for 12 years, the votes had been even more, over 31%. In the Friuli of the governor Fedriga the lowest figure stood, 25.8%, but by far the first party in the Region.

In 2022, the Draghi government and national unity permitting, those votes disappeared and found a new home: that of the Brothers of Italy. Doubled in Lombardy (13.8% against 27.5 for Meloni), doubled in Veneto (14.6% against 32.5%) and even tripled in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia (10.9% against 32, 2%). A late return to the usual themes such as differentiated autonomy for the Northern regions was not enough and the rallies in the Pontida meadow were not enough to revive at least what was thought to be a solid basis of the Northern League. Throughout Italy the center-right blue is predominant thanks to the triumph of Giorgia Meloni and the Forza Italia estate. At this lap the third wheel is the Captain.

From the Northern League base came the first criticisms and requests for internal debate by the members of the League. Luca Zaia, often seen as a possible contender for Salvini’s secretariat, declared: «It is undeniable that the result obtained by the League is absolutely disappointing, and we cannot approve of this by finding simple justifications. It is a delicate moment for the League – he adds – and it is good to face it seriously because it is essential to fully understand what aspects have led the voter to choose differently ». More tranchant is the opinion of Gianantonio Da Re, Treviso MEP of the Lega: «This defeat has a name and surname, Matteo Salvini. From Papeete onwards he has made a mistake in everything he has appointed in the secretariats of people who have only and exclusively safeguarded their asses ». As usual, Paolo Grimoldi, secretary of the Lombard League until 2021, says: «Dignity requires immediate resignation. Enough of the joke of the regulation, the ‘congressini’ and Covid, the question is political “.

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The incoming waves (discussion of the collapse, minority in a center-right government and other dispersion of consensus) could be too high even for the Captain who begins to face the first signs of a mutiny.

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