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Novalito Park, Orange Development Area in Valledupar

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Novalito Park, Orange Development Area in Valledupar

The gastronomic and entrepreneurship fair ‘Vamos pal parque’ was held this Sunday at Novalito Park, located on Calle 12 with Carrera 6 in the city of Valledupar, with the aim of promoting trade in this sector of the city.

The event began at ten in the morning with offers from different restaurants, from breakfasts with arepas vallenatas, executive lunches and other preparations, to sandwiches, fast food, ice cream and desserts, soft and alcoholic drinks, dairy products, “healthy” dishes , foreigners, among others.

Other entrepreneurs marketed low-priced clothing, accessories, handbags, and other varieties of products and services. In addition, the Secretariat for Economic Development in coordination with the Office of Culture managed recreational activities for children.

The day lasted until 8 pm with musical presentations and open spaces for new talents. Until the closing of this edition, the number of sales and characterization of businessmen and entrepreneurs who participated in this initiative in the Novalito park, one of the Orange Development Areas of the city of as well as the Alfonso López square and the Parque de the Province, according to official sources.

Currently, Colombia has more than 40 orange development areas in 19 municipalities of the country, “which help to strengthen and recover the social and economic fabric based on sustainable principles,” according to the national government.

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