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Novara, the ministerCingolani at the Piazzano prize: “Vaccine, always, without hesitation”

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“Always vaccinate, without hesitation, but this consideration should be the logical consequence of the studies, not those revised on the Internet, but those made in books.” Before receiving the Piazzano award, the Minister for Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani offers some personal considerations on the topic of the day. A very clear conviction that he expressed yesterday also in Genoa on the sidelines of the festival on «Horizon 2051: between philosophy, science and technology». «I have covered many kilometers in my motorcycle career. The helmet is mandatory and I wore it even when it wasn’t because I was afraid of getting hurt. The helmet is mandatory and nobody breathes. I don’t understand why we have to say nothing when we say that vaccines must be compulsory ». A few meters from the award, in Piazza Gramsci, there is the no vax demonstration: “I have been a researcher for forty years, from me you will hear a swordplay for study, education, research and even the vaccine “. Cingolani insists on the need for study and correct communication, after having received the award for his research and scientific dissemination.

“I am a hobbyist of the pen, every now and then I write some concepts, as I am temporarily lent to politics: I make a diagnosis of the situation, a ruthless diagnosis, politicians know what the consequences of their choices will be.” And politicians, in addition to the decisions on vaccines and pandemics, are responsible for tackling what Cingolani calls the challenge par excellence, to avoid the apocalypse of global warming. “I am back from Glasgow, from Cop 26, and despite the understandable differences between the 196 participating countries, from the Pacific islands that are about to be submerged by water to the more industrialized nations, all have signed an epochal agreement: one must absolutely stay under an increase of one and a half degrees in temperature and reaching this sharing is truly of historical importance, even if it is now up to each country to take action to achieve this goal “.

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It is a contract, the one stipulated at the summit on the environment, which does not include a plan B, and the minister summarized it as follows: “The measure of the containment of the global temperature increase must absolutely be achieved by 2050, otherwise in that year, my son who is now 12 years old and lives in Genoa, will have to go elsewhere because the city, like so many others, will be submerged, it will disappear. We are on the launch pad of a rocket that has to go to Mars: it has to reach it, it cannot afford to take the wrong course. Now we are in the starting situation, mistakes are not allowed ». The president of the scientific journalists Caprara presented the award to the minister, recalling how Cingolani has always consistently promoted scientific and technological research. The greeting of the city to the minister was brought by the mayor Alessandro Canelli who, in the matter of ecological transition, announced the presentation of the environmental plan in Novara as imminent.

City of innovation
A city increasingly at the center of innovation in the field of environmental sustainability, because the Regional Councilor for the Environment, Matteo Marnati, recalled that the Region is close to launching the strategic plan on hydrogen that it will have in Turin and Novara i Piedmontese reference centers. –

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