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Numbers – Martina Recchiuti – International

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Numbers – Martina Recchiuti – International

December has arrived and it’s time to redo the numbers game. Also this month we decide which articles to read not based on the title, but on a number that we find between the pages and that catches our attention.

Like this: 18 miles. It is the number of students in a high school in the Philippines. There are so many that they take turns to attend lessons: some enter at 6 in the morning, others at 7.

Or this: 52 the years orca Lolita has spent locked up in a Miami, Florida water park since she was captured in 1970;

180 they are the inhabitants of a French village who have to say “hello” every time they enter the town hall;

37 the percentage of readers of Internazionale Kids who would gladly taste an insect for the good of the planet;

2 the number of memories we use to store memories (fortunately one of the two erases everything quickly, otherwise we would be forced to remember many useless numbers);

250 the grams of pumpkin you need to prepare spätzle.

And finally there is a 1 immersed in a spatial landscape. This number can only mean one thing: the first episode of the comic set in an imaginary lunar station is out. Enjoy the reading!

Also in this issue:

Can you get me a cat?
Let’s try to put ourselves in the shoes of a pet.

Indelible memories
Because we forget some things quickly, while others are imprinted in memory.

An almost real dolphin
In a water park in California you can swim with Delle, a robotic dolphin.

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Are some forms of climate protest exaggerated?
Some say yes, some say no.

The Golden Age of Dinosaurs
Spinosaurus e Crocodylus in the photos by Paolo Verzone.

And so on!

Internazionale Kids is a monthly magazine for girls and boys. It publishes the best of newspapers from around the world for readers aged 7 to 13.

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