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Nutritionist, serious responsibility of social media behind anorexia – News

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Nutritionist, serious responsibility of social media behind anorexia – News

Bodies emaciated to the limit of survival, absolute thinness, dull faces: this is the description, terrifying but true, into which thousands of girls fall, whose condition is amplified by social media where their life-threatening situation is stimulated and supported. It is the phenomenon of the so-called ‘thininspiration’, that is, the self-encouragement of absolute thinness with the complicity of thousands of users who, with likes and comments, encourage people to continue depriving themselves of food.

On this issue, the nutritionist Samantha Biale, Milanese by adoption, with 25 years of studies in the sector, who has produced a report based on the analysis of hundreds of social profiles, especially on Istragram, of girls and young women “proud to show off their bodies resulting from extreme deprivation”. According to “Rencam data, deaths are between 3-4 thousand per year in Italy” (in the United States it is the leading cause of death due to mental illness) but more generally eating disorders affect around three million people (national survey of Ministry of Health 2019-23)”.

There is a direct relationship between the viewing of ‘pro-eating disorder’ online content and the manifestation of eating problems: specifically, the report reveals that exposure to ‘thininspiration’ social content is associated with an increase in body dissatisfaction, diet ironclad, negative affectivity.

At the same time, the lack of stringent controls on access to and dissemination of pro-anorexia content and strict laws are highlighted. “It is clear that the advent of social media has exponentially amplified the onset of anorexia – underlines Biale -. Anorexia has profound and different causes but, unlike what happened before social media, today those who find themselves in a moment of weakness , can find the complicity of deranged people online.”

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