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Obolo di San Pietro, what it is and why it has the accounts in red despite the rising donations

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Obolo di San Pietro, what it is and why it has the accounts in red despite the rising donations

Peter’s Pence, in constant decline since 2015, returns to growth but closes 2021 in “red” for 18.4 million euros. According to last year’s financial statements, the first disclosed, in fact, the Obolo received a total of € 46.9 million, of which 44.4 from donations and 2.5 from financial charges and other activities. Peter’s Pence is the fruit of the traditional collection in all the churches of the world which at the end of June allocates the resources obtained from the generosity of individual faithful, dioceses and charitable organizations both to support the Pope’s charity towards the needy, as well as to structures that accompany their apostolic mission.

The largest share of income from the dioceses, 10% from privateof

But even a charity and assistance fund can run into deficit. How? Simple, because in the end the disbursements are higher than the revenues: in fact the expenses incurred by the Obolo amounted to 65.3 million euros, with a registered liability of 18.4 million “covered” by the patrimony of the Holy See. In 2020, also due to the pandemic, the Pence of St. Peter had collected a total of 44.1 million euros, down by 18% compared to the previous year. Most of the donations (65.3%) came from the dioceses and another 22% from the Foundations. Only 9% from private donors (4 million) and 3.7% (1.6 million) from religious orders. The pigeon, managed by the Secretariat of State, was brought up at the beginning of the scandal of the Sloane Avenue property – on which an endless trial is underway – but then it was established that the funds necessary for the London operation they did not come from this management.

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The US leads the donations. 10 million for assistance

Who is it that gives the most? From a geographical point of view, the United States (29.3%), followed by Italy (11.3%), Germany (5.2%), Korea (3.2%), contributed to the obolation. %) and France (2.7%). The collection by country covered 75% of the total, the remainder was donated to the Holy See by foundations and religious institutes.

The sharing of expenses

The expenses incurred by the Obolo concern on the one hand the service carried out by the Roman Curia, and on the other the charitable works that directly assist the most needy. Of the 65.3 million euros spent in 2021, 46.9 million euros were financed by the offers, while the remaining 18.4 million were financed by the same patrimony of the Obolo. In particular, 55.5 million euros contributed to the activities promoted by the Holy See in carrying out the Pope’s apostolic mission, while almost 10 million euros concerned assistance projects.

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