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Ocad Pacífico approved two Chocó projects

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Ocad Pacífico approved two Chocó projects

On March 31, the first approval session of the 2023 Pacific Regional Collegiate Administration and Decision Body (OCAD) was held at Casa del Valle in Bogotá, where seven projects were authorized for Valle del Cauca, Chocó, Cauca and Nariño, for the sum of 214 billion pesos, resources from royalties.

The governor (e) Farlin Perea Rentería participated for Chocó, who informed that two projects were approved for the department:

One, the construction of the Brisas bridge over the Curvaradó river (municipality of Carmen de Darién), and, two, strengthening the Technological University of Chocó, with more classrooms with technological, didactic and interactive tools.

The amounts approved for these two projects were not precisely reported.

Since March 2021, the peasant organizations of Carmen de Darién and Bajirá carried out a civic strike where the commitment to build the Brisas bridge was achieved. In 2022 it was said that said bridge had a cost of 43,000 million pesos.

Brisas is a strategic corregimiento of the municipality of Carmen de Darién, located on the banks of the Curbaradó River and near Bajirá and the Bajirá-Riosucio highway.

Hundreds of vehicles and thousands of people pass through Brisas every day, all related to the important and growing agricultural and livestock production of the promising Curbaradó basin. There are thousands of hectares dedicated to the production of plantains, bananas, cassava, rice, cattle, cocoa, etc.

In Brisas there is no bridge over the Curbaradó River and transit must be done using an old, dilapidated and dangerous ferry. This factor and the lack of a modern bridge have bottled up the region, slowing down the progress promoted by the industrious communities of Carmen de Darién.

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