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“Of course we made a mistake and we have to accept it”: Gorky Muñoz

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“Of course we made a mistake and we have to accept it”: Gorky Muñoz

Acknowledging that they were wrong, but that third parties acted in bad faith, in the face of the alleged CDP that was giving free rein to resources for an important project in Neiva, Mayor Gorky Muñoz told details about the investigations that are being carried out.


After verifying with the National Government the authenticity of the CDP that gave the green light with resources of more than 600 million pesos for the mega project on Avenida del Oriente, the Gorky Muñoz Calderón, he regretted that unscrupulous people assaulted the good faith of the people of Neiva.

In a press conference held from his office, the president pointed out that, since the document had been filed with the Secretary of Infrastructure and that this same file had official letterheads from the Ministry of Finance, they had assumed its veracity, for which they left to tell the public the good news.

“We Neivans were victims of an assault in good faith, and as is well known on March 16, Dr. Amaury Flores, who is our Infrastructure Secretary, received a document on the Ministry of Finance and public credit, approving a budget availability to continue with two other phases of the mega project Construction of Avenida del Oriente in the city of Neiva, the CDP under the number 00081519783958, was issued for more than six hundred two billion pesos, taking into account that it is a document public that is delivered and notified to Dr. Amaury, as a territorial entity we presume its authenticity and for this reason it was made known to public opinion”, said the Mayor.

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However, the happiness was short-lived, because just hours away, the Ministry of Transportation through its social networks indicated that the document was false and that the respective investigations would be opened from the national order.

“On Saturday, verifying the authenticity of the document, we requested an urgent meeting with the Ministry of Finance to give us details regarding its veracity or not, and that is why last Tuesday we met with Dr. Claudia Marcela Numa, Director of the National Public Budget”, stated the Neivanos president.

He added that from said meeting, Mayor Muñoz was emphatic in pointing out that “the doors are still open to manage national resources for works in the city of Neiva, which dignify the quality of life of its inhabitants.

In addition, he stated that “We have filed the criminal complaint with the authorities, for falsehood in a public document, so that they are the ones in charge of finding out, who? Or who? They tried to abuse the good faith of the municipality of Neiva”, said Gorky Muñoz.

Circunvalar del Oriente

Regarding the Oriente beltway, “they had been talking about for several governments, however, it was in the present administration that works began. In 2021 and 2022, with resources from the municipality, progress was made in the construction of functional unit 1 and part of 2, where approximately 2.8 kilometers located in Comuna Seis were intervened. Currently there is a 60% advance”, said the Mayor.

Likewise, he pointed out that in an articulated work with Las Ceibas – Empresas Públicas de Neiva, work began on the installation of rainwater aqueduct and sewage networks, which incidentally will allow the expansion of the city in the sectors where What will the road pass?

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Currently, the works continue on the south side and intersect the eighth street with Carrera 100, continuing in a parallel way in the east, contemplating the construction of a bridge over the Oro river and one over the Ceibas river; then look north on Calle 64 to connect it with Avenida 25, carrera 2, 1 y sexta W.

The Circunvalar de Oriente is a project that covers approximately thirty kilometers, which are divided into six functional units.

Relations with Vladimir Vallecilla Gongora?

When Muñoz Calderón was questioned, regarding the relationship that the Neiva Mayor’s Office has with the Afro leader Vladimir Vallecilla Gongora, involved in similar acts, but with the Villavieja Mayor’s Office, he pointed out that, “He represents Afro-descendants and many times We have talked about the project. Of them being able to also manage projects knowing that they belong to an important group of Vice President Francia Márquez, but that we have organized project issues with him, it has not been like that”.

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