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Ombudsman requested a truce between Gustavo Petro and Francisco Barbosa

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Ombudsman requested a truce between Gustavo Petro and Francisco Barbosa

The Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo Assis, called for serenity and institutional prudencesince the challenges that the country faces today are multiple and very complex, and those who are in charge of the different powers of the State are called to work with humility and with the cooperation of all to successfully face those challenges.

“Those of us who work as public servants are invested with the responsibility of serving the Colombian people, this is a temporary condition and it is strictly framed in the fulfillment of the functions established by our Constitution. In a democracy, the Constitution and laws rule, and we are all obliged to comply with them. That Constitution orders that we each work within our powers in a respectful and harmonious manner”, stressed Carlos Camargo Assis.

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In the opinion of Carlos Camargo Assis, “The guarantee of the rights of citizens is also supported by the counterweights between the branches of public power. The separation and balance of powers has prevented our society from facing the excesses that we have seen citizens in other countries suffer. The difference between the absolutist State and the Social and Democratic State of Law is the respect for the separation of powers and the recognition of human rights”.

“You have to go from speech to facts, and set an example of the ability to superimpose respectful dialogue and constructive above egos, because, as grandparents say, arrogance is a bad adviser”, assured Carlos Camargo Assis.

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“I invite the different spokespersons of the State’s institutions at all levels to focus on moving the country forwardeach one in their roles without wasting time in disputes that distract from the tasks for which the Constitution and the laws have already clearly defined our tasks, “said the Ombudsman.

There would be a meeting between the Petro Government and High Courts

The National Government confirmed that requested an urgent meeting with the courts to discuss what happened in the last hours with the Prosecutor Francisco Barbosa and the high courts, with the aim of making it clear that it defends their autonomy and independence.

As confirmed by a source close to KienyKe.com, this meeting would be the other week and also, they assured that they are willing to sit down with the Prosecutor Francisco Barbosa. Until now he does not know if there is really any threat against his life.

From the National Government they assure that they want to reach an understanding with him and that they have been looking for him for a long time. They also point out that, if specific complaints were known, Francisco Barbosa would have all the guarantees of protection.

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