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Ominous omen of tyrant zombies—-The event of Hu Jintao’s departure at the 20th Congress is still fermenting

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Ominous omen of tyrant zombies—-The event of Hu Jintao’s departure at the 20th Congress is still fermenting

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It has been nearly two weeks since the closing ceremony of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The scene of Xi Jinping’s predecessor Hu Jintao being kicked out at the closing ceremony was too “shocking”, and the shock wave was still waving. Information circulating on overseas social networks shows that this topic is constantly being discussed at the dinner table where acquaintances gather.

Yan Huai, a 77-year-old former cadre of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, recently sent a letter to Xi Jinping as an alumnus of Tsinghua University, requesting that the current status of “senior” Hu Jintao be announced as soon as possible. Yan Huai pointed out in the letter that “Xuechang Hu”‘s departure was “puzzling”. Authorities should “expeditiously disclose the facts and immediately quell the chaos”. He also pointed out that if the “leaving incident” is not clarified, it will seriously affect the reputation of “your party and our country”.

Exactly why Hu Jintao was expelled at the closing ceremony is unknown, or it is a permanent mystery, but the closing ceremony scene happened to be open to foreign journalists. , although Hu Jintao himself, as some observers put it, “to blame himself” for the scene of his expulsion. History has continuity, Xi can go to today, and Deng’s June 4 massacre, Jiang’s encouragement of officials to make a fortune while reforming, Hu Jintao’s “not tossing”, who was very weak as soon as he came to power, is in his own hands. In the later period, the suppression of civil society suddenly intensified, and the arrest of Liu Xiaobo, one of the drafters of Charter 1989, was not unrelated to this period. People miss that period only because of the worse situation under Xi Jinping, when Wen Jiabao, as prime minister, publicly expressed his support for universal values ​​and against the Cultural Revolution became a fantasy in Xi Jinping’s era.

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Some commentators pointed out that Xi has grown in strength, to the point of invincibility, until the closing of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and a scene that shocked the world, and when his predecessor Hu Jintao was expelled, almost all the officials promoted by him were present. A considerable number of officials, all of them like zombies, sat there, not daring to show any sympathy. Of course Xi intends to create such a situation, and Li Keqiang, what did Li Keqiang say to his old leader with a sickly face? Hu Jintao turned his head before leaving, as if he wanted to say goodbye to Xi Jinping. Xi was extremely indifferent, and Hu Jintao knocked. Li Keqiang’s shoulders are quite a reminder to take care, Li Keqiang didn’t even dare to show the gesture of standing up and shaking hands. After analyzing the scenes of Hu Jintao’s departure one by one, the Wall Street Journal concluded that this scene was the result of Xi Jinping’s instructions.

The 20th National Congress was the only unforgettable scene left in the eyes of the world, who had no or low expectations. Hu Jintao, the powerful former general secretary of the CCP, one day suffered the end of being publicly humiliated by his successor. This action foreshadowed everything. Immediately following this action, Xi’s country “successful”. It came naturally beyond all pessimistic forecasts.

Some observers believe that Li Keqiang and Wang Yang are out in a low-key manner. For them, it will be a torment to hold on to the two sessions in March next year. And Hu Chunhua, the general secretary appointed by Hu Jintao, who should have succeeded at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, was completely virtualized, and even his position as a member of the Politburo was not guaranteed. Hu Chunhua’s future suffering will be much greater than that of Li Keqiang and Wang Yang. Only fifty-nine years old. All the members of the New Science and Technology Standing Committee are over 60 years old. This is a meticulous arrangement by Xi Jinping, which means that there is no potential successor to this team. After the expiration of the new five-year term, Xi can do whatever he wants, the next time or the next time. The Party Congress, different from the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, is that the so-called succession, re-election and continuation of the term will also lose their meaning. These terms are aimed at Deng Xiaoping’s abolition of the tenure system. Since the tenure system has been abolished, for Xi Jinping, In the future, there should be a celebration meeting every five years with the unanimous support of the whole audience.

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History is such a paradox that Jiang Zeng desperately tried to get Xi to succeed him back then, but he did not expect this to happen later. The son of an enlightened former Communist leader who was thought to have been persecuted by Mao turned out to be the spiritual son of Mao Zedong, supplemented by modern of digital science, whose harsh control over society will far exceed that of his party predecessors.

From the point of view of power, Xi Jinping has reached the peak. From now on, he does not even need to seize power in a hurry as he did at the beginning of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. From now on, the Politburo will be all cronies, and the only possible side effect is that there will eventually be power imbalances among cronies, and infighting may one day become more ferocious.

From an economic point of view, after Xi Jinping’s ten-year anti-corruption campaign and three years of severe clean-up, China is on the verge of recession. This year’s growth may be one of the lowest in decades since reforms began, and the future prospects are also very bleak. During the Deng period, the environment that relied on economic prosperity to maintain legitimacy no longer exists, and everyone shouts that the people are supreme, and the country is the people’s Xi Jinping. When the people’s economy goes wrong, the potential crisis will be everywhere.

From the perspective of the global environment, the situation China is facing is bad. Deng Xiaoping’s strategy of keeping a low profile and keeping a low profile has been completely pierced by Xi Jinping. The situation of Sino-US confrontation has become more serious, and Xi Jinping and another dictatorial leader Putin, who dreams of restoring Great Russia, will be more accelerated. China’s isolation from the world.

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Does Xi Jinping seem to realize the seriousness of the problem? As soon as the new Standing Committee came out, they took them to Yan’an to visit the Red Flag Canal and talk about self-reliance. Xi Jinping also revived the supply and marketing cooperatives that had been in the memory of the post-80s and post-90s generations. Wan Runnan, the founder of the famous Stone Group in China’s reform era, believes that Xi not only cleared the epidemic prevention and the economy, but also cleared the opposition, the regimental faction, and the second generation of red at the 20th National Congress.

The dramatic scene of Hu Jintao’s expulsion at the 20th Congress held a lot of meaning, and this scene was also sudden for a complacent Xi Jinping. Some netizens said: The picture of General Secretary Hu Qian leaving the table is a combination of tyrants, zombies and bad omen.

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