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“On regulation we tend to be manic depressive”

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“On regulation we tend to be manic depressive”

Formula 1 has been criticized for the decline in overtaking so far this season, with the Sprint Grand Prix weekend dell’Azerbaijanespecially a cause for concern with little show on the track.

The cars of F1 they are designed to very different technical regulations than in 2021 after a new structure was introduced last season in a bid to improve performance by removing aero surfaces from the top of the car to allow the cars to track more easily into corners.

While the first year of the regulations proved to be a success overall, the evolution of the regulations and the development work completed by the teams have dented F1’s aspirations of creating action-packed racing at every event.

As if that weren’t enough, the first doubts about these innumerable regulations are also beginning to arise.

This is Wolffteam principal of Mercedes believes that there are many questions still without a well-defined answer.

“In this sport we tend to be manic depressive said Toto quoted by RacingNews365We go too easily from joy to despair: when things go well then everything seems fantastic, then we have a race that is anything but exceptional and then we talk about the negative aspects. However, many things are extrapolated from the various contexts to create ad hoc titles. We need to see if we have continuity, for example: is overtaking still difficult or not? Are the twenty cars in the race within a second? Is this the right thing to do? Are we creating too much downforce with the undercarriage? At the moment, in my opinion, there isn’t the right answer to each of these questions, so we have to find something to improve on in the next races.”

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