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On the eve of the Winter Olympics, the epidemic is approaching Beijing’s CCP’s “bubble” of epidemic prevention | Tianjin Epidemic | Beijing Winter Olympics | Bubble Management

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[The Epoch Times, January 10, 2022](Reported by Ye Shuang and Zhang Zhongyuan, reporters from The Epoch Times Special Department) Just 4 weeks before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, an outbreak broke out in Tianjin, a city adjacent to Beijing. This means that all residents of this big city of 15 million people only 100 kilometers from Beijing are not allowed to enter Beijing. On the other hand, Beijing’s so-called “bubble management” for the Winter Olympics has been fully activated.

On January 9, 2022, the Tianjin Jinnan District Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 20 new people had tested positive for the CCP virus (new coronavirus).

A day earlier, Tianjin had announced 20 new positives. These infected people are centered on day care institutions, and the outbreak has spread to at least 3 schools. The Tianjin Center for Disease Control and Prevention performed genetic sequencing of the virus in two of the cases and confirmed it to be a variant of Omicron.

On January 9, the Tianjin Municipal Government of the Communist Party of China decided to carry out nucleic acid testing for all employees across the city. Mr. Zhang from Nankai District, Tianjin told The Epoch Times: “The four districts of Jinnan, Dongli, Xiqing, and Nankai will do nucleic acid (testing) today (January 9), and the others will be done tomorrow. Nankai District has notified the closure of the district. Jinnan District basically completed the nucleic acid test yesterday. People were still queuing at 3:00 in the morning. At 4:00 in the morning (testers) started going from house to house to do nucleic acid for the elderly who did not have nucleic acid. “

In addition, the Tianjin Municipal Examination Institute issued an emergency notice saying that all the teacher qualification exam interviews scheduled to be held on January 9 were cancelled. Mr. Zhang said: “There are teacher qualification exams in the past two days. I read on the Internet that those who finished the exam on the 8th were required to be quarantined, but yesterday at 11:30 in the middle of the night, the exam was cancelled on the 9th, and many people came to Tianjin to live in the hotel. , I can’t go back directly this time. Like this, it may be self-funded. I see someone saying on the Internet that there is no money, no food, and I can’t go out. “

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On January 9, the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a notice requesting that “people from this city should not go to Tianjin unless it is necessary, and people from Tianjin should not come to Beijing unless it is necessary.” Staff at the Yingsi checkpoint on the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway told a reporter from the official Beijing News that they had persuaded many people and vehicles to return to Beijing in the past two days.

This official request is not a “travel advice” but an executive order.

In October 2021, Beijing issued a clear order prohibiting the so-called “four categories of people” from entering Beijing, including “the county where there is one or more local cases of new coronavirus infection and the history of travel and residence in the county within 14 days”, that is, the county is the region. Units, as long as there is a confirmed case of Covid-19 positive, all local people are not allowed to enter Beijing, including Beijing residents who have stayed there within 14 days.

Tianjin Zhang said the authorities were not concerned about the treatment of patients. “Whether the media or the government, always focus on how many people are tested positive, how many people are infected, how many people are quarantined, but how serious are these cases? How long does it take to recover from treatment? How effective is the treatment? No. Why is there no mention of vaccine sequelae and severity?”

The Beijing Winter Olympics will begin on February 4. In addition to being nervous about the outbreak in Tianjin, the Chinese authorities are also worried that the virus will spread from Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, through Shanxi and Henan to Hebei, and then into Beijing.

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Zhengzhou City, the capital of Henan Province, issued a notice requesting that from January 10, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the city will suspend offline teaching and start online teaching. Workers gather”, the city’s dining establishments suspended dine-in. As of January 8, all 157 colleges and universities in Henan Province have suspended classes.

Beijing is located in the northern part of the North China Plain, while Henan Province in the south is the main traffic route into Beijing. The outbreak of the epidemic in Zhengzhou and Xuchang, Henan means that all passengers passing through the province by train cannot enter Beijing.

Another province connecting Shaanxi and Hebei is Shanxi. At present, the Shanxi provincial government is facing a formidable enemy. On January 6, the Shanxi Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Office issued a notice requiring “not to leave the province unless it is necessary”, and required those who entered and returned to Shanxi to report to their unit, community or hotel as soon as possible, and immediately do nucleic acid testing.

On January 9, the Jincheng Epidemic Prevention and Control Office of Shanxi Province stated that due to the “increasingly severe epidemic situation around our city”, the “strict and tight” control measures will be upgraded, including: banning county-level roads from Henan Province to Jincheng. Passed, persuaded to return vehicles and personnel from other provinces who have a history of sojourn in Henan Province and traveled to Jincheng via high-speed, national and provincial highways and high-speed rail (general speed) trains, and cut off the freight logistics, cold chain logistics, and highway passenger transportation services between Henan Province and Jincheng.

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Although as of January 8, Hebei Province, which is a periphery of Beijing, claimed that no new cases had been detected, on January 6, Hebei Handan issued an emergency notice to look for a contact of a close contact. The authorities announced the travel trajectory of the person surnamed “Zhang”, requiring all those who may have contact with him to immediately report to the government and “actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing and other prevention and control measures.”

The 2022 Winter Olympics will open in Beijing on February 4, and the CCP hopes to demonstrate its “system confidence” to the world through epidemic prevention measures. At present, Beijing has launched its “bubble management” during the Winter Olympics to ensure that during the Winter Olympics, Olympic-related personnel, including members of foreign sports teams and Chinese participants, do not have contact with other “ordinary Chinese”.

The official epidemic data released by the Chinese Communist Party is generally not recognized internationally and considered illogical. At present, there are less than 100 positive infected persons officially announced in Xi’an, which has led to the closure of Xi’an City, which makes it incomprehensible to the international community.

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