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On the ninth day of Xi’an’s lockdown, the epidemic continued to increase and more than 1,000 troops entered the city were pulled away (video) | Xi’an was closed |

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[Voice of Hope December 31, 2021](Reported by our reporter Li Hui)

The ninth day of Xi’an’s closure of the city, however, the spread of the CCP virus epidemic has not been alleviated. On the 31st, 161 new cases of local CCP virus were confirmed. On the last day of 2021, the citizens of Xi’an will spend their time in the closure of the city and the “calling the building”. At present, citizens are not allowed to go out except for nucleic acid sampling. After the closure of the city, supermarkets were closed and prices rose. The authorities only took care of the epidemic. Regardless of people’s livelihood, many people stopped food and food, and the people found it difficult to eat. Many little pinks were woken up by the hammer. Some netizens also believe that with so many lessons learned, Xi’an people still have to believe the propaganda on TV. Who can blame the hungry? However, has China‘s food situation really achieved sufficient supplies?

Since Xi’an reported the first local confirmed case on December 9, as of 24:00 on the 30th, a total of 1,277 local confirmed cases of the Chinese Communist Party virus have been reported. More than 150 confirmed cases have been reported for 6 consecutive days, and the number of daily confirmed cases has remained high. According to a video uploaded by netizens “No Guns No Democracy”, more than 1,000 people from Xiaozhang Village in Xi’an were taken away for isolation during this period.

In addition, Xi’an’s lockdown measures have been further escalated. It is said that the CCP has sent troops into Xi’an to control it.

Citizens are not allowed to go out except for nucleic acid sampling. The topic “It is difficult to buy food in Xi’an” once appeared on Weibo’s hot search. Some local residents reported that after the closure of the city, supermarkets were closed, prices rose, and fresh food platforms were unable to place orders for vegetables. The authorities only care about the epidemic, not the people’s livelihood.

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Xi’an is the largest city that has been blocked due to the CCP virus epidemic since Wuhan was closed on January 23, 2020. Several cities in Xi’an have been blocked before, such as Ruili in Yunnan, Lanzhou in Gansu, Shijiazhuang in Hebei, and Xingyang in Henan. City and so on. The city with the largest number of lockdowns and the longest duration is Yunnan Ruili. Since September last year, there have been 5 outbreaks of epidemics, and the 4th lockdown has not only caused severe impacts on the local trade, economy, and daily life, but also Many people reportedly committed suicide as a result.

The closure of the city caused people’s livelihood to be difficult

Because the economic and human costs caused by the blockade are too great, more and more countries have given up such severe restrictions. However, the CCP still regards the blockade as a “shangfang sword” to fight the epidemic.

Since the closure of Xi’an, people have started to send out help messages on social media, including difficulties in buying vegetables, skyrocketing prices, and failure to deal with emergencies. The topic “Difficult to buy food in Xi’an” has been viewed more than 300 million times, and many posts have been deleted by the webmaster.

A prospective graduate student in Xi’an posted on Zhihu on the 28th, asking, “Why did the Xi’an epidemic develop so fast in December 2021? “: He said he had a high fever on the 26th and called the community. The community didn’t care and asked him to call 120 (Chinese emergency number). However, “120 calls cannot be made all day, including various epidemic prevention calls in Xi’an. Pass.” Finally, with the help of his senior, he went out to the hospital.

However, after trying six hospitals, they were all rejected. Some hospitals even explicitly told them not to accept patients with fever, pharmacies did not administer drugs, and did not give them nucleic acid tests. After that, there was no way to call the police to ask for help from the police, but the police said, “It has nothing to do with him… I have to call 120”. Fortunately, the seventh hospital accepted the young man.

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After posting a post on Zhihu on the 28th, the young man was deleted three times in succession. What’s dramatic is that, contrary to the previous situation of feverish requests for help and no one paid attention, community members quickly “visited” and asked them to delete posts.

The young man was very angry, “I really don’t understand, can public opinion be controlled to such a degree? I only wanted to recover from the illness, but this time I was really irritated.”

Finally, the young man asked, “If community workers focus on controlling public opinion, shirking responsibility and deceiving the masses, rather than on epidemic prevention, when will the epidemic in Xi’an be cured?”

A pregnant woman who was about to give birth to nine months of pregnancy was stranded in Xi’an city due to private affairs. She hoped to return to her hometown in Luoyang to be isolated and wait for delivery. However, the community refused to issue a certificate of going out for her. The mayor will not be able to issue this certificate when he comes.”

The pregnant woman asked on Weibo, “When is it necessary to leave Shaanxi? Is it the end of a dead body and two lives?” “In Xi’an, I am alone and have a three-digit balance on my body. How can the sky-high price of vegetables be supported? Who is responsible for the accident? The obstetrics department of Xi’an Hospital is closed. Who can keep our mother and child safe? Where is the government?”

This post has been deleted by Weibo.

More people posted online asking for food support.

A netizen posted, “I added 8 groups and stayed up until two or three o’clock and didn’t buy food. The Internet still says that I have received supplies from the government. Am I not in Xi’an? People who know say Xi’an is experiencing an epidemic. Those who don’t know think there is a famine.”

Residents are not allowed to go out to purchase, and online shopping express delivery is suspended, causing many people to stop food and food.

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“Every village and every community is tightly sealed, and people are not allowed to leave their homes. As far as our community is concerned, people in the village are not allowed to leave, and they say that they will be fined 500 (yuan) and detained for ten days. Everyone. I haven’t eaten or drink, and if this continues, I will starve to death at home.”

An hungry young man in the West District of Nanyaotou, Zhangba Street, Yanta District, Xi’an went out to buy steamed buns and was beaten and kicked by the epidemic prevention staff.

Some netizens questioned whether they are not allowed to go out to buy food but queue up for nucleic acid on a large scale. Which behavior is more contagious?

Some out-of-towners who were suddenly locked in the city due to the closure of Xi’an were forced to live in hotels, but the fees in the hotels were scary and there were no invoices.

There are also people who say that Xi’an has sufficient supplies, and those who say that they can’t buy vegetables and high prices are in “Black Xi’an.” However, after netizens learned that the person’s community was a municipal government agency community, they ridiculed that “you can’t be hungry for leaders anymore.”

Some residents said after watching the news report that the government delivered food to their door free of charge, “only received news, not food.”

Some communities have already exchanged goods for things. Some people exchange half a bottle of vinegar for two plain steamed buns, some people exchange half a barrel of oil for two bags of sanitary napkins, and so on.

The lack of material and the rescue of the outside world can be seen from this.

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