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Once touted the CCP Soros rarely wrote articles criticizing Xi attract attention | Financial giant | Xi Jinping

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[Epoch Times, August 15, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Lin Yan comprehensive report) The Wall Street Journal criticized Xi Jinping’s authoritarian rule in China by Soros, the American financial giant, surprised the outside world. Conservatives said that on the threat of the CCP, the two parties in the United States may gradually reach a consensus.

Soros: Subordinates are afraid of Xi Jinping’s anger and dare not tell the truth

The founder of the Open Society Foundations (George Soros) wrote to the Wall Street Journal on Friday (August 13) that Xi Jinping is the world’s open society The most dangerous enemy, as well as the various problems that existed in China under Xi Jinping.

“I regard Xi Jinping as the most dangerous enemy of an open society in the world,” Soros wrote. “What I find particularly disturbing is that so many Chinese people seem to think that his social credit monitoring system is not only tolerable, but also attractive.”

Soros said that Xi Jinping hopes that the Communist Party is the Lenin Party.

“He (Xi Jinping) has a strong nationalist tendency and hopes that China will become the dominant force in the world. He also firmly believes that the Communist Party of China must be a Leninist party and must use political and military power to impose its will. Xi Jinping strongly believes that, This is necessary to ensure that the Chinese Communist Party is strong enough, and necessary sacrifices are required to achieve his goals.

“In order to win in 2022, Xi has turned himself into a dictator… (The Chinese Communist Party) state media is broadcasting an amazing scene. Xi is leading the Politburo Standing Committee. Xi’s personal pledge of loyalty.

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“Xi Jinping realizes that in order to fulfill his mission in life, he must maintain an undisputed dominance… Xi Jinping is carrying out a systematic campaign to eliminate those who have accumulated a lot of wealth or offset its influence… This campaign is threatening To destroy the goose laying the golden eggs. Xi Jinping is determined to put the creators of wealth under the control of a one-party state.

“For Xi, there is almost no room for checks and balances. It is difficult for him to adjust his policies according to changing realities, because he relies on fear to rule. His subordinates are afraid to arouse his anger and dare not tell him the reality. Changes have taken place. This state of affairs jeopardizes the future of China‘s one-party state.” Soros wrote.

Soros issued an article criticizing Xi or creating conditions for cooperation between the two parties

Conservative columnist Jim Geraghty wrote that for the typical conservatives who have been tracking China for a long time, the content of the book on Friday is not news. The surprising part of this article is the authorship. Soros.

Graty did not forget to remind him that it was Soros who disregarded facts in 2010 and declared that China has a “better operating government than the United States.”

“Although conservatives have many reasons to oppose and distrust Soros, seeing this international progressive godfather and one of the left’s largest donors declare that China‘s ruler is the’most dangerous enemy of the world‘s open society’, it is still There is some amazing freshness.” He concluded.

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“Maybe we can gradually reach a bipartisan consensus that China‘s authoritarian regime represents a serious and multifaceted threat.” Grati said.

Soros is a Jewish-American businessman born in Hungary and a progressive political and social activist. He has funded domestic protests in many countries around the world, such as gangsters, homosexuals, refugees and illegal immigrants in the United States.

He first came to the United States as a Nazi refugee to regain his freedom, but in 2007 he publicly stated that the United States is the source of evil in the world today and asked the United States to go through a “de-Nazification process” similar to that of Germany.

Soros wrote in his submission on Friday that when Xi Jinping was in charge of China, he resumed his activities in China in 2013. This time he was “as an outspoken opponent who has become totalitarian. regime.”

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