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One detail intrigues investigators: shoes of little Émile (2.5) found without laces

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In the case surrounding the deceased French toddler Émile, his shoes were found without laces. That detail intrigues investigators, reports the French BFMTV, although there are several possible explanations.

2.5-year-old Émile was last seen on July 8 last year, by two neighbors with conflicting stories. He had just arrived for the summer holidays at his grandparents’ holiday home in Le Vernet, a hamlet in the south of France with only 25 inhabitants and located at an altitude of 1,200 meters. On March 30 this year, his skull was found nearby by a hiker. A few days later, his clothes and a bone fragment followed.

The boy’s shoes were found, but without laces. It is a detail, but one that intrigues the investigators. “There are things that are intriguing but perfectly explainable. That is the only criterion that must be taken in the analysis,” a source involved in the investigation told BFMTV. “There may be explanations due to circumstances, such as the intervention of a third party, but also a natural explanation if you walk through the woods with a single knot or large lace loops,” says the source. The quality of the laces can also explain why they have disappeared after a year.

It is therefore not yet certain that a third person was involved in the toddler’s death. The investigation is ongoing and various scenarios are being tested against the evidence. It could take several more weeks before the family can recover little Émile’s remains.

The boy’s mother responded for the first time this week after the discovery of his body remains. She thanked the public on social media for starting a fundraising campaign for the costs of the funeral.

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