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[Online Review Contest]Build an industrial middle platform to help the industry strengthen Yunnan

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[Online Review Contest]Build an industrial middle platform to help the industry strengthen Yunnan

Let a group of people who are literate, understand technology, be good at business, and be good at management return to their hometowns to start businesses, drive farmers to become rich, and achieve the good effect of “developing one person, driving a whole”.

Photo by Lei Tongsu of Yunnan Green Aluminum Innovation Industrial Park in Wenshan Prefecture

  Author: He Guanjun

Zhongtai refers to the establishment of an instant and flexible structure for companies to respond to changes, quickly meet front-end needs, and achieve the purpose of improving work efficiency and increasing profitability.

In recent years, many enterprises have focused on long-term strategies and actively promoted the construction of China-Taiwan. They have achieved good performance, and have also driven the development of related fields, allowing the company to grow and become an industrial center. For example, Meituan is the industry middle platform of the catering industry. It provides distribution services, traffic and data support for restaurants. It can quickly increase restaurant takeaway sales, improve operations, optimize the allocation of resources in the catering industry, and empower the overall industry chain. , and ultimately achieve win-win cooperation and common prosperity between China and Taiwan and the catering industry.

The industrial middle platform is the main force for the development of modern industries and the improvement of the industrial chain. With the in-depth implementation of the strategy of strengthening the industry in Yunnan, the seeds of the industrial middle platform began to take root and sprout in the land of Yunling, gradually releasing vigorous vitality and vitality. The National Plateau Yunguo Industrial Park is such a multi-functional industrial middle platform.

The National Plateau Yunguo Industrial Park is located in Fumin County, Yunnan. Through the construction of “Yunguo Industrial Park + Yunguo Industry Brain”, a two-wheel drive engine has been built to support the development of the Yunguo industry. The “Outer Park” link, the cloud fruit industry ecosystem that connects online and offline, the offline park has become an agricultural high-tech demonstration area in Yunnan Province, a plateau characteristic seed industry industrial park, an agricultural exchange center for South Asia and Southeast Asia, and the online platform serves 1,000 people in Yunnan Province. 10,000 mu of fruit base, realizing technology empowerment of Yunnan agriculture. Judging from the actual operation, the Yunguo Industrial Park has developed into an industrial mid-stage carrier in the Yunnan fruit industry, playing an important role as the organizer of the market-oriented Yunguo industry.

The National Plateau Cloud Fruit Industrial Park has made a leap from a wasteland to the middle stage of the fruit industry, and the digitalization of the industry is the decisive driving force. In a few years, while the offline construction of the park has been completed, the Yunguo Industry Brain has been launched, and China Mobile’s 5G+ Digital Yunguo Innovation R&D Laboratory and Yunguo Industry Brain Wisdom Park have been built for the Zhaoyang District People’s Government of Zhaotong City. Launched the Apple Industrial Internet; established a supply chain management company jointly with the local government of Menglian Dai, Lahu and Wa Autonomous County and local leading enterprises to formulate channel distribution strategies to maximize the value of agricultural products; built a digital ginseng fruit hall and ginseng fruit network for “Shilin Ginseng Fruit” ;Provide digital services for regional public brands such as “Yongsheng Soft Seed Pomegranate” and “Xinping Sweet Orange”… Relying on the super wisdom of the Yunguo industry brain, the cost of using digital tools in the entire industry has been greatly reduced, and the It provides a bridge from production supply to market consumption, and enhances the comprehensive strength of Yunguo industry to adapt to market competition.

Entering a new era of development and building a new development pattern, economic competition is no longer a competition between individuals or organizations, but a competition between supply chains. With the promotion and application of new technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and blockchain, industry barriers in the supply chain are constantly being broken. Building and grasping the cloud supply chain has become the key “first move” to win a competitive advantage. The industrial center has a high-quality supply chain, and it is easy to establish in-depth links with the business scenarios of market players in all upstream and downstream links of the industry, output modular scene services, and realize scene-based design, scene-based production, scene-based sales, scene-based services, and scene-based customization. To meet the needs of users, further expand the scope of supply chain services and inject vitality into the economic cycle. Whether it is to realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, to promote the vigorous development of emerging industries, or to accelerate the layout of future industries, industrial middle and Taiwan can play an irreplaceable and important role.

Seize the opportunity, actively implement the three-year action plan for the development of the digital economy, and combine with Yunnan’s leading industries to cultivate a number of industrial middle-stage companies, and the province’s high-quality development will gain strong new momentum.

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160.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Build strong grassroots party organizations to boost rural revitalization

161.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Enhance “Three Forces” to activate new market momentum

162.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]”Four Tree Prisons” to optimize the business environment

163.【“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition】Let traditional villages shine brightly

164.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Let the quantitative change of collaboration lead the qualitative change of development

165.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Make a big article with small tea leaves

166.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Follow-up and supervision help optimize the business environment and run out of acceleration

167.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Turn the expectation for the “Ten Billion Project” into a joint development force

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168.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Concentrate on writing the “Xing” chapter of Yunling

169.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Activating “One Pool of Spring Water” for cross-border e-commerce

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173.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Make a good combination of punches to inject vitality into the industry

174.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Promote high-quality development with “three transformations”

175.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Contest]Chang Po “thief in my heart” be a good “doer”

176.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]”One Core and Three Laws” Helps the Industry to Strengthen Yunnan

177.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]A strong industry is inseparable from a good industry and good products

178.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Get rid of bureaucratic habits and remove the stumbling block of development

179.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Find the “bullseye” for optimizing the business environment

180.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]To create a first-class business environment, we need to do addition, subtraction and multiplication

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186.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Evaluation Competition]Let the evaluation of new professional titles boost the industry to strengthen Yunnan

187.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Evaluation Competition]Empowering the industry to strengthen Yunnan with “five chain coupling”

188.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Rural industry is the first to stimulate the vitality of revitalization

189.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Talent is the key to industrial revitalization

190.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Do a good job in this big article of authentic medicinal materials

191.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Convert “green content” into “gold content”

192.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]”The first and last mile” to open up the agricultural industry chain

193.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Make Mid-Levels Hotel the next stop for a healthy living destination

194.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Injecting “Service Water” into a strong industry

195.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Read the “new words” for the development of emerging industries

196.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Evaluation Competition]Leading the development of the industry with a big opening

197.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Let the digital engine release strong kinetic energy

198.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Let Yunhua drive the consumption economy to heat up

199.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Industry strong Yunnan calls for more “hundred billion counties”

200.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]The key to building a first-class flower industry depends on “three products”

201.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Only by listening to the voice of the people can we develop a good livelihood

202.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Drawing a blueprint for the magnificent hometown with the struggle of youth

203.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Contest]Make “serial tricks” to make market players turn around

204.【“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition】Rejuvenate the ancient terraced fields

205.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Keep in mind the entrustment to take the road to industrial strength

206.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Integrate nostalgia into the industry and cast it into a brand

207.【“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition】Innovation is the source of power for the industry to strengthen Yunnan

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209.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Contest]Using short videos to break the situation for the development of the tourism industry

210.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Realize rural revitalization with talent revitalization

211.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Drive more farmers to pick up the “Golden Pole”

212.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Evaluation Competition]Highlighting resource advantages and promoting the industry to strengthen Yunnan;

213.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Party building leads the road to rural revitalization;

214.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]To build a strong industrial province “the pillar”;

215.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Follow the mass line to promote the high-quality development of the village collective economy

216.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Attracting investment is the key to industrial strength in Yunnan

217.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Evaluation Competition]Helping the industry to strengthen Yunnan with “green +”

218.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Stimulate the vitality of the national handicraft industry

219.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]To optimize the business environment, it is necessary to “drain silt and divert water”

220.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Condensing the power of forging ahead with a typical guide

221.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Insert “digital wings” for the industry’s strong Yunnan

222.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Contest]Take the road of transformation of “sweet flowers and snowy moon”

223.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Contest]Do well to “get agricultural products out of the circle” to boost rural revitalization

224.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Extending the industrial chain helps “Cloud Flower” take off

225.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Play three green “source” plain cards

226.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Let the new infrastructure activate the industry to strengthen Yunnan’s new kinetic energy

227.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Helping the “Empty Shell Village” to Rebirth Through the Market

228.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Contest]Breaking the “bureaucratic” style with the sword of “style revolution”

229.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]”No reason to return within seven days” is a good business landscape

230.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Provide “big” assistance for “small” enterprises

231.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Empowering the industry to strengthen Yunnan with excellent style

232.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Empowering the industry to strengthen Yunnan with excellent style

233.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]The focus of talent development is less “management” and more “reasonableness”

234.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Promote “Party Building + Photovoltaic” and share “Sunshine Profits”

235.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Chinese and foreign integration boosts the industry to strengthen Yunnan

236.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Competition]Create more samples for the integrated development of health, culture and tourism

237.[“Caiyun Cup” Online Review Contest]Use three types of subjects to crack the “password” of rural revitalization

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