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OÖN stock market game: Biotech shares are very popular with Wels high school graduates

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OÖN stock market game: Biotech shares are very popular with Wels high school graduates

The high school graduates of the Welser HTL for food technology, grain and biotechnology are currently training to invest a fictitious starting capital of 50,000 euros as profitably as possible at the OÖN stock market game. And the 21 young men and women demonstrate a very good knack for playfully immersing themselves in the world of stocks. They are currently in first place in the class ranking with a portfolio development of plus 12 percent (as of yesterday).

The biotech company Morphosys in particular brought the young people hefty profits. “We chose this company because we have a connection to biotech companies in our school and Morphosys specializes in cancer drugs,” says student Rosa Kempl. The students decide democratically which shares to buy and also rely on one or two tips from teacher Martin Winklehner, who teaches the class economics and law. “I try to convey to them that they should see stocks as a long-term investment,” says Winklehner, who focuses on current economic events, the mechanisms on the stock exchanges and listed Austrian companies in class.

Martin Winklehner, teacher Image: krai

Getting to know the ups and downs of the stock markets and being able to move around the stock markets in a playful way without risking real money is definitely well received by the students. Of course, the current first place also encourages us to work on the courses every day. The class took part in the OÖN stock market game last year and came in eleventh place. Additional incentive is the main prizes provided. The best school class gets to go to a LASK home game in the Raiffeisen Arena, including meals worth 2,000 euros. Second place is a private cinema screening including snacks in the Star Movie, third place is a school jump in the Jump Dome Linz. Around half of the class also takes part in the individual student competition.

Entry into the OÖN stock exchange game in cooperation with Raiffeisen OÖ is still possible at any time. Register now at www.oon-boersespiel.at

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