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OpenAI overcomes crisis with Altman’s return and a new board that includes Microsoft

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OpenAI overcomes crisis with Altman’s return and a new board that includes Microsoft

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, speaks during an event at the APEC CEO Summit during the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, California, US, 16 November 2023 (published November 21, 2023). OpenAI’s board fired CEO Sam Altman on Nov. 17, a day after Altman participated in a guest speaker with Meta and Google on AI during the APEC CEO Summit during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in San Francisco. In a letter posted on ‘X’, formerly known as Twitter, almost all Open AI employees threatened to resign and follow Altman, who was hired by Microsoft a few days later. EFE/EPA/JUAN G. MABANGLO

The technological OpenAIcreator of ChatGPTseems to have overcome its notorious crisis with the official return of Sam Altman and one new board of directors that includes the giant Microsoft and that he anticipates that there will be more changes after what he considers a “transition” phase.

In a letter of thanks, Altman, co-founder and visible face of the company, confirmed on Wednesday night his return and that of his inseparable “partner” Greg Brockman as president; the restoration of Mira Murati as technology boss and an “initial” board consisting of Bret Taylor, Larry Summers and Adam D’Angelo.

OpenAI draws a thick veil over the five-day crisis in which Altman was fired for lack of “trust,” Microsoft came to his rescue by offering to hire him and the hundreds of workers who were threatening to leave, and everything ended with an agreement tentative on the new management composition.

However, Altman revealed something new: “We clearly made the right decision in partnering with Microsoft – which has invested some $13 billion in OpenAI – and I am excited that our new board will include him as a non-voting observer.”.

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For his part, Taylor, a technology entrepreneur and new chairman of the board, explained on the social network , and announced that the current members will not be the definitive ones, at least as far as he is concerned.

In that sense, he added that, due to previous commitments, “when these transitional tasks are completed” he intends to leave the position and “the supervision of OpenAI in the good hands of his colleagues on the board.”

In another letter, Taylor also detailed that he will convene “a committee independent of the board to oversee a review of recent events”and assured that the leadership understands “the seriousness of the discussions” around the “safety” of AI.

The crisis occurred before the first anniversary of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which boosted the race for generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), and press reports pointed to fears among staff over the consequences of commercializing this technology that, ultimately, aims to be equated to human intelligencewhat is known as Artificial General Intelligence (breaking latest news, in English).

In that regard, Altman said that “one of the most important things for the team that builds the breaking latest news safely is the ability to manage stressful and uncertain situations and remain level-headed from start to finish,” for which he congratulated the workers.

This same Thursday, the president of Microsoft, Brad Smith, downplayed those versions about the danger of AIattributed the crisis to “a divergence between the board and others,” and highlighted “that there is a new board” and that the alliance between OpenAI and the technology giant is very strong.

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Regarding fears about breaking latest news, Smith assured that there is no likelihood that a technology “in which computers are more powerful than people” will be developed in the short term since “it will take years, if not many decades.” EFE

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