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OpenAI security criticized: Star investor brands AI giants as Swiss cheese

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OpenAI security criticized: Star investor brands AI giants as Swiss cheese

Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen is concerned about the current security situation in US AI laboratories. He calls for more drastic measures to strengthen security around OpenAI & Co.

• Security surrounding OpenAI under criticism
• Demanding security measures equivalent to those of the Manhattan Project
• Andreessen is in favor of nationalizing OpenAI

The triumph of artificial intelligence (AI) is constantly progressing. ChatGPT, OpenAI’s chatbot, is one of the best-known and most used AI applications. The question of whether and to what extent OpenAI actually takes appropriate security precautions – including those that prevent hacker attacks or foreign espionage – is now up for debate again, initiated by star investor Marc Andreessen.

Parallels to the Manhattan Project

Marc Andreessen is one of the most influential investors in California’s Silicon Valley, the center of the US tech industry. At the beginning of March 2024, Andreessen was concerned about the current security precautions at OpenAI. On . This was introduced by the USA in 1942 to develop the atomic bomb and was kept top secret. As Andreessen further writes, despite extensive security precautions, Russian spies managed to steal the knowledge they still lacked to build their own atomic bomb from the US research warehouse. For him, the theft of AI technology and data poses a similarly great danger – but today’s security precautions are extremely inadequate.

Safety standards in AI laboratories as full of holes as Swiss cheese

Andreessen therefore demands: In order to adequately protect AI, even stricter security regulations and measures must be established in the OpenAI laboratories than in the Manhattan Project. After all, it is a “civilizational threat.” However, the current protective measures are the “security equivalent of Swiss cheese,” according to the star investor, because according to him it is “trivially easy” for spies – for example from China – to break into OpenAI’s laboratories. He assumes that China already has downloads of all US AI research and code. Andreessen is therefore calling for AI companies like OpenAI to be nationalized – immediately.

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