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Opening of ‘average annual salary era of 100 million won’ for large corporations

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Opening of ‘average annual salary era of 100 million won’ for large corporations

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Large corporations with an average annual salary of over 100 million won are emerging one after another, centering on companies that posted good results last year. Not only has the average annual salary risen to 100 million won, but even companies that have exceeded the 200 million won threshold have appeared.

According to the business reports announced by each company on the 26th, the average annual salary of 84 SK Square employees, excluding registered executives last year and including non-registered executives, was tallied at 214 million won. Excluding 12 unregistered executives, whose average salary per person reached 620 million won, the average annual salary for employees also reached 157.02 million won.

SK Square is an investment company launched in November 2021 after a spin-off from SK Telecom. In the first year of annual business report disclosure, the average annual salary far exceeded SK Telecom (145 million won). Last year, the average annual salary of employees at LG, the holding company of the LG Group, and DL, the holding company of the DL Group, were also tallied at 201 million won each.

Compared to the previous year, LG jumped 48.9% from 135 million won, and DL also rose 6.9% from 188 million won. It is analyzed that LG and DL, like SK Square, have a high average annual salary because the number of employees is low at 197 and 41, respectively.

The oil refining industry, which is famous for its large number of high-income earners, also swept the top ranks of average salaries. As of last year, △S-OIL was 171.07 million won △SK Energy 157 million won △GS Caltex 153.97 million won △SK Energy parent company SK Innovation 153 million won.

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SK Square·LG·DL exceeded KRW 200 million… Oil refining industry: KRW 150-170 million

In the case of S-Oil, the salary level has risen by 49% from the average of 114.78 million won in 2021. GS Caltex and SK Energy also rose 19.8% and 45.9% year-on-year, respectively. Last year’s remuneration reflected the previous year’s performance. This is thanks to the increase in bonuses as performance in 2021 improved significantly compared to 2020, when performance was sluggish in the aftermath of Corona 19.

In addition, Iljin Display (172 million won), LX Holdings (172 million won), HD Hyundai (154.07 million won), and Hite Jinro Holdings (151 million won) have an average annual salary of 150 million won. exceeded There are quite a lot of large companies with an average annual salary of 100 million won in the early to mid-range. Samsung Electronics posted 135 million won last year, a slight decrease from 144 million won the year before last.

Other Samsung affiliates include Samsung SDS with 131 million won, Cheil Worldwide with 127 million won, Samsung C&T with 125 million won, Samsung Engineering with 120 million won, and Samsung SDI with 116 million won. The average annual salary of SK Hynix last year was 133.85 million won, similar to that of Samsung Electronics, up 16.2% from the previous year’s 115.2 million won.

Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix 130 million won… ‘100 Million Club’ increasing every year

In addition, SK subsidiaries: SK Geocentric 149 million won, SK N Move 136 million won, SK 128 million won, SK Discovery 123 million won, SK 118 million won, SK Gas 100 million won 13 million won, SK IE Technology 108 million won, and SK D&D 105 million won.

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For the first time last year, LG Electronics’ average annual salary exceeded 100 million won. It increased by 15.5% from 97 million won the previous year to 112 million won. Among LG subsidiaries, LG Chem (120 million won) and LG U+ (110 million won) exceeded 100 million won, and LG Energy Solutions also reached 100 million won with 99 million won.

Hyundai Motor Group (KRW 105 million), Kia (KRW 112 million), Hyundai Mobis (KRW 108 million), Hyundai Steel (KRW 107 million), Hyundai Wia (KRW 102 million), etc. Subsidiaries also exceeded 100 million won.

The number of conglomerates joining the “100 million won annual salary club” is increasing every year.

The Korea Economic Research Institute, affiliated with the Federation of Korean Industries, surveyed 85 of the top 100 non-financial listed companies in sales that disclosed business reports. increased to

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