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“Operations in Agordo also in August”, Carraro replies to the committee

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“Operations in Agordo also in August”, Carraro replies to the committee

The director of the Ulss: “No downsizing to Surgery, only holidays”. The company invites you to report available doctors: “We never said no”

CONFIGURATION. If the Agordo Health Committee has the names of doctors available to work in Agordo Surgery, please let them know. In the meantime, the ULSS will continue to work for a department in which there is no downsizing in the future: the data, on the contrary, go in the direction of growth. A department that already has scheduled interventions in August. The response of the Ulss director general, Maria Grazia Carraro, to the Agordino committee is clear-cut. “I have not personally had any interview with any surgeon” willing to carry out Agordo surgery for a few years “and therefore I cannot have said” no “,” replies Carraro, quoting the committee.

“To my attention, however, no availability of medical specialists in Surgery has been received available to work in Agordo, as declared by the committee”, insists Carraro. “In these days we are considering a request, recently arrived, of a specialist doctor in Surgery, coming from Lazio, close to retirement, available on guard duty in Surgery or Emergency Room for the offices of District 1 starting from September 2022” .

So no “no” from the ULSS, says Carraro. «Moreover, I remember that a public notice with a fixed term for the recruitment of doctors specializing in General Surgery to replace the two recently retired specialists, pending the open-ended competition by Azienda Zero, was recently approved. At the moment the company is missing 7 surgeons for various reasons ».

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So, says the CEO of the Belluno health care company, “if the committee has concrete proposals, tell us the names of which you are aware: if the professional has the requisites envisaged by the legislation, he will be evaluated. The door of my office is always open and my cell phone always on to accept constructive proposals, instead of sterile controversies that certainly do not do the good of the Agordo hospital but obviously have a different purpose ».

Decisions are made on the basis of the data, Carraro therefore underlines, and “from the surgical activity data there is no downsizing of Agordo’s surgery. Indeed, new specialized surgical activities have been implemented such as those of vascular surgery started in the first half of the current year. In addition, more recently, again in the surgical field, an outpatient clinic has also been implemented for ostomate patients who will no longer have to go to Belluno ».

The director Carraro lists the numbers of surgical interventions: “In the first half of 2019 (pre-covid year – therefore with activities at full speed) there were 440. In the same period of the current year there were 551. Where is the downsizing?” .

Of course, «as every year, in all departments, in order to guarantee summer holidays for staff, in August the scheduled activities are reshaped based on the resources present and, therefore, also those of the Agordo Surgery undergo a rescheduling. In August, however, some operating sessions are already scheduled for surgical activities ». –

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