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Operations in Chocó strengthened for kidnapping

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Operations in Chocó strengthened for kidnapping

After five people were kidnapped in Bajo Baudó, department of Chocó, the Colombian Navy reinforced security in that region.

The Navy confirmed the kidnapping of the five people in the township of Orpúa, in the municipality of Bajo Baudó, by illegal armed groups that commit crimes in the area.

According to information from the authorities, it seems that armed men invaded the urban center of this town in Choco, shooting indiscriminately against the inhabitants who were in the area.

In this regard, the commander of the Fluvial Marine Infantry Battalion No. 22, Marine Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Isidro Barrero Vera, pointed out that security and control of the area was reinforced with members of the Colombian Navy.


In an extraordinary security council held in this town, the authorities reported that the kidnapped would be four men and one woman, residents of the sector.

They indicated that for now, the identities of the kidnapped have not been known, so the search protocols have already been activated due to these acts of public order.

At the end of the meeting, the authorities guaranteed the safety and tranquility of the inhabitants of the area.

The authors

Likewise, it was indicated that subversive groups such as the ELN and the Farc dissidents commit crimes in this area of ​​the Chocó department, so it is also unknown who would be responsible for the kidnapping.

As will be recalled, at the end of the peace negotiations between the national government and the ELN, spokesmen for this illegal group stated that the kidnappings and extortions would continue while the talks were taking place.

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During the closing of the third cycle of negotiations with the ELN, in Cuba, an act in which President Gustavo Petro was present, a bilateral ceasefire between the national government and the ELN was announced, which will begin on August 3 and will last for six months, but said decision does not contemplate the suspension of extortion and kidnapping in the regions by the illegal group.

Pablo Beltrán, head of the guerrilla delegation, affirmed that despite the ceasefire they would continue with the kidnappings and extortions that they called “withholdings and taxes,” until something different is reconciled.

The guerrilla leader explained that “the ELN’s financial operations began to be discussed here, but that discussion did not end. It will continue to be debated then, but they did not enter these protocols ”.

The facts

Colonel Barrero stated that “according to the information, an armed group entered firing at the population, where they reached the pier and the streets. Squads were immediately installed and security was restored within the area. Likewise, I reported these facts to the competent authorities.”

Likewise, the authorities have reported several kidnappings in different parts of the country.

In the municipality of Santa Rosa, Bolívar, five people attached to the Mobility Secretariat of that region were kidnapped.

Also three more people in Meta and, in the department of Arauca, two people, including a woman, who is the wife of a military man, and a driver of a public transport vehicle.


The Colombian Navy reported that it has an active presence in the town of Orpúa, municipality of Bajo Baudó, Chocó, after the events occurred in which unknown armed men fired indiscriminately against the residents of the sector.

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The river units and troops of the Marine Infantry Brigade No.2 moved to the place, to provide accompaniment and safeguard the civilian population.

The institution indicated that it filed complaints with the competent authorities for the violation of International Humanitarian Law.

The Colombian Navy ratified its commitment to the communities of the Colombian Pacific coast while inviting its inhabitants to report in a timely manner to the relevant authorities any fact or situation that puts their security at risk.


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