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Organizations and social responsibility – DIARIO CRONICA

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Organizations and social responsibility – DIARIO CRONICA

The institutions of the National Higher Education System have as their mission the search for truth, the development of cultures: universal and ancestral of our country, of science and technology, through teaching, research, management and links with society, to prepare professionals at the undergraduate and graduate levels, leaders, with critical thinking and social awareness, so that they contribute effectively to the improvement of intellectual production and goods and services in accordance with the present and future needs of society. and state planning.

Social responsibility is the commitment to identify problems of public interest such as: environment, poverty, income inequality, health care, hunger, malnutrition and illiteracy, which is the responsibility of all types of organizations (company, state, university), to undertake actions that generate positive impacts on society, with the contribution of solutions based on transparency, plurality, sustainability and ethics, the goal being the sustainable development of our society and its environment. Over time, the problems that society has gone through have forced us to seek a legal framework to institutionalize social responsibility through declarations, pacts and the creation of organizations. In the current world scenario, the main challenges for organizations come from the rapid changes in the environment. Globalization, competition, technology, social responsibility, knowledge and intangible assets demand serious modifications in their structures and strategies from organizations. The concepts of social responsibility and ethics are closely linked to each other, since ethics is the knowledge that guides us in reflective behavior whose purpose is to make prudent and fair decisions, and social responsibility is a form of management that has and must be guided by making prudent and fair decisions. Ethics, with respect to organizations, seeks to provide them with a social purpose. This is made up of internal and external ones. The internal ones are the activity of the organization itself and the external ones are those common to all organizations: prestige, money and power. This is where the link with ethics occurs, since proactive organizations anticipate the demands of society, see beyond and act by offering quality and trust.

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