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Orlando: “With the Green Pass we protect workers, there is a month to adapt”

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“With the Green Pass we reaffirmed the protection of the health of Italians, which has been the government’s line since the pandemic began.” This was stated by the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando, interviewed by the director of The print Massimo Giannini in the context of Alphabet of the Future. A tour that explores the issues related to large international trade exchanges.

The Green Pass at work
The new decree on the Green Pass was one of the main themes of the interview. In force since September 15, it will introduce the obligation on public and private jobs: “Our goal is to protect workers – continues the minister – Unlike the provision on schools, there is still a month of leave for entrepreneurs and workers time to adapt to the new rules. In smaller companies there is already consultation on the new measures. Employers are already talking with employees to find out if they are vaccinated or will have to present the swab. In large companies their control will be subsidiary to that of the state ”.

The debate with the trade unions
The discussion moves to the involvement of the social partners, critical of listening by the government: «There was no document – replies Orlando – that did not take into account the comments of the social partners. Even on the blocking of layoffs, on social safety nets. All the measures born out of this ministry are the result of a comparison, so this criticism seems a bit summary to me. The decisions took into account the comments of the trade unions, which is not always possible because the room for maneuver in a broad coalition is limited. The consultation is not very simple and yet in some cases it has been done ».
The interview orchestrated by the director de The print he then continues on the subject of compulsory vaccination: «The hypothesis of the compulsory vaccine has never been excluded. Now we are giving an incentive, I hope we will never have to get to an instrument that risks digging a deep trench in Italian society ».

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On the majority
Pressed on the tensions that cross the majority on health issues, Minister Orlando replied: «Salvini continues to question the tools to fight the virus. The government cares that what happened in the past does not happen again. I believe that the set work must be carried out until the end of the emergency. If I had to look at the work done with my colleagues, I would say that we have certainly made a contribution. But of course, from a general political point of view, it is quite an embarrassing coexistence. If the League decided otherwise I would not start crying, I would not tear my hair ».
Bills and Quota 100
After replying on the merits of the political controversy, the interview expands to other topical topics. These include the increase in bills expected for the next quarter. On this point, the minister reassured: «There will be a measure on price increases. The modalities are still to be decided. It is important from a social point of view to neutralize the effects of these increases ».

Then a passage on exceeding Quota 100: «There is an open table, we have started a discussion that will continue in the coming days with Minister Franco. Quota 100 treated different work situations equally. It has opened the doors of the pension to people with very different levels of severity of duties, mainly men ». Orlando adds some data: «In general, 80% men and 20% women retired with Quota 100. We must correct the experience, keeping in mind the different activities done in life. Some consume much more than others, and we cannot have elements of gender discrimination. It has rewarded a lot those who had contributory continuity, therefore with a certain degree of protection, others, such as in construction, have been quite penalized. Starting from these assessments we must overcome this instrument ».
“Better than 2017”
«I am not making a sharp prediction out of luck, but the conditions are there for a strong affirmation. I am optimistic: it will be a far better result than in 2017, ”said Orlando, wishing a positive result in the upcoming local elections.

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