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Orto – Martina Recchiuti – International

September is the ideal month for sowing fennel, broccoli and radicchio. Or those aromatic plants that bees like, such as parsley or coriander. But instead of sowing them on the balcony, do it in the condominium courtyard. Or better still, in a municipal garden.

The cover article says that growing fruit and vegetables in the city helps to conserve biodiversity, that is, the set of living beings that live in a certain environment. In addition, urban gardens create large open spaces where people can meet and make friends.

The collective garden in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, aspires to become the largest in the world: it was born in 2006 from the idea of ​​an agronomist and in a couple of years it will be as big as 15 football fields. He will bring fruit and vegetables to thousands of families, and even a bit of good humor: Rosilde Rodrigues says that since she has been with him she has been feeling fitter and happier.

On page 23, a professor who works at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris says that those who manage cities should not limit themselves to designing “green areas”, but should cultivate biodiversity. Like the one on the roof of a French school: there are also hens there in addition to the trees.

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