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Ostapchuk and Klopotenko met with one girl – video

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Ostapchuk and Klopotenko met with one girl – video

The famous chef Yevhen Klopotenko and the presenter Volodymyr Ostapchuk, who has two marriages behind him and it is possible that he will marry a third time, met with the same girl at different times.

This became clear during the first edition of the show “Hell’s flour with Yevhen Klopotenko” on “STB”. Just then Ostapchuk was Klopotenko’s guest.

“We had a girlfriend with you. There was a girl you used to date and I used to date her too. Can you imagine? Just so you know that you and I are much closer than you can imagine, – said Klopotenko. — You and I almost kissed.”

The restaurateur did not give the name and surname of this girl, but admitted that her name begins with the letter “K”.

“Four letters in a name? Ostapchuk clarified. — Everything, I understood.”

We will remind that Ostapchuk’s first wife is Ukrainian translator Olena Voychenko. The couple lived in marriage for 12 years. They had two children: daughter Emilia (2013) and son Evan Oleksandr (2018). The couple divorced in 2020.

Ostapchuk lived in his second marriage with Ukrainian notary Khrystyna Hornyak Ostapchuk for two years. They broke up last fall. The couple had no children.

Ostapchuk is currently in a relationship with Ukrainian journalist Kateryna Poltavska.

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