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Our city ends emergency response to typhoon prevention_Scenic Spot_Tourism_Fishing Boat

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Original title: Our city ends emergency response to typhoon prevention

Our city ends typhoon emergency response

This year’s No. 11 typhoon “Xuan Lannuo” (super typhoon level) crossed the sea at the same latitude of our city on the morning of September 5, and was located about 388 kilometers away from the east-northeast of our city at 11:00. It is expected that “Xuan Lannuo” “It will move north by east at a speed of 25 kilometers to 30 kilometers per hour, and the impact on our city will come to an end. At 21:00 that day, the Municipal Defense Director decided to end the emergency response to typhoon level IV.

Affected by this year’s No. 11 typhoon “Xuanlannuo” (super typhoon level), the surface rainfall in our city was 48.3 mm from 20:00 on September 1 to 8:00 on the 5th, of which the rainfall on the three facades was 73.8 mm and the rainfall on the roof was 66.6 mm , The precipitation on the sea surface is 55.1 mm, which is the top three in the county (city, district). At present, the flood situation in our city is generally stable. The large and medium-sized reservoirs and small (one) type reservoirs in the city are all below the flood limit water level, and only 3 small (two) type reservoirs exceed the flood limit. The Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau requires all localities to continue to do a good job of patrolling water conservancy projects, scientifically dispatch water projects, and make every effort to reduce the water level of reservoirs that exceed the flood limit to ensure the safety of flood seasons.

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“Xuan Lan Nuo” is far away, and after “dressing up”, the major scenic spots in our city are ready to resume business one after another. However, some scenic spots in Fuhai continue to be closed.

The reporter learned from Zhejiang Tiantai Mountain Tourism Group Co., Ltd. that in order to make the scenic spots return to normal as soon as possible, the staff of the major scenic spots under the company cleaned the scenic spots on the morning of the 5th, and sent special personnel to inspect the infrastructure of the scenic spots. Solve the existing security risks in a timely manner, and strive to quickly create a good tourism environment for tourists. On the same day, Zhejiang Shenxianju Tourism Group Co., Ltd. and Wenling Fangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. also issued announcements respectively that their scenic spots will resume normal operations on September 6.

“Xuanlannuo” has moved northward away, and the coastal winds of our city have gradually weakened. The city’s fishing boats that entered the port to take shelter also began to prepare for the sea operation. The relevant person in charge of the city’s port, port and fishery bureau said that starting from the morning of the 6th, fishermen will be allowed to go out to sea for production from south to north. The fishery department requires fishing boats to do a good job of watching on duty and forming formations. At the same time, the fishery department will also pay close attention to the dynamics of fishing vessels in the jurisdiction to ensure the safety of fishing vessels.Return to Sohu, see more

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