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Outrage of citizens for robbery of Polish tourists in Medellín

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Outrage of citizens for robbery of Polish tourists in Medellín

Not for insecurity in various parts of the country and in MedellínAntioquia capital that is characterized by receiving thousands of tourists from various parts of the world, who want to know the tourist attractions that the city has, where one of those who like a lot is the ascent to the Flying Hill.

Germans, Americans, Canadians and from various parts of Europe have gathered to take a vacation in the capital of Antioquia, not only because of the good weather, the gastronomy or the warmth of its people, but also to find natural attractions, which allow them to see something different from the landscape they are used to visiting.

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In this case, a couple of Polish tourists were ascending the Flying Hill, which is close to the metropolitan area of Medellín. While they are conversing in Polish, it is seen in the video how two people come from behind to hold them by force, while they are enjoying the scenery.

Although the video is cut at the exact moment the alleged criminals arrive, you can see the face of one of them, in addition to seeing the moment after what became a robbery, which has caused all kinds of reactions. on social media, especially outrage.

See the moment in which the robbery of two Polish tourists in Medellín occurred:

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