Home News Over 500 animals will have to move from the Fagagna Oasis by July

Over 500 animals will have to move from the Fagagna Oasis by July

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Over 500 animals will have to move from the Fagagna Oasis by July

The agreement has been extended to allow the movement of the specimens owned by the association

FAGAGNA. The agreement was extended until July 31st with the “Friends of the Quadris Oasis” to allow the movement of the animals owned by the group.

The official communication to the association, made up of about ten people active since 2013, was delivered on Wednesday evening.

“Recently the Municipality has not renewed the existing agreement which would expire on Thursday 30 June – explains Deputy Mayor Sandro Bello -. The extension provides for the continuation of the activity (also at the request of the same association) to allow the safe movement of hundreds of animals, which are owned by this association in another location “.

«Over the years, nature has run its course and therefore there are many species that are not part of the naturalistic oasis. All this is done – adds Bello – for the welfare of the animals ».

“We still have to check which and how many animals. Mostly they are ducks and geese – explains Enzo Uliana, president of the Oasis for five years -. We still don’t know where to move them. As for storks and ibises, the koniks and the colony of wild geese will remain at the Oasis ».

There are about 120 storks and 85 born, ibises – between free and in aviaries – are 170 with about seventy chicks. The konik instead are 6, three males and three females, the wild geese count about eighty specimens with a dozen of young for over 500 animals.

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“In addition – Uliana notes – there is a large colony of herring gulls, gray herons, gray crows that steal the food of the storks and there is a need for constant monitoring”.

“Even with due respect for the painful choice of the municipal administration, I cannot refrain from expressing regret for the interruption, at least temporarily, of the synergy between the Municipality and the association for the management of the Quadris di Fagagna Oasis”.

This was stated in a note by the leader of the Lega in the Regional Council, Mauro Bordin, who, bringing solidarity to the association, adds: “It is a naturalistic site of absolute regional interest that before the pandemic could boast over 20,000 visitors a year .

Precisely for the indisputable value of the Oasis, for its livelihood and to support the commitment of the volunteers of the association, I supported a measure, approved in the regional council, which in the three-year period 2021/2023 recognizes a contribution of 120,000 to the Municipality of Fagagna. euro to cover the expenses for the achievement of the purposes related to the management of the natural environments and fauna of the Quadris naturalistic oasis “.

“To the mayor – says Bordin – I had also recently proposed a comparison between the Municipality and the Region, which I would still consider useful today in consideration of the regional value of the site and the commitment undertaken by the Regional Council”.

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