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Own housing does not have to be unattainable anymore. ITB Development comes with a unique solution!

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Own housing does not have to be unattainable anymore.  ITB Development comes with a unique solution!

The company ITB Development reacts to the situation on the real estate market and comes with a guaranteed mortgage of 1.49% for those interested in housing in the 3rd stage of the Čerešne project.

Owning your own home may be a dream come true for many people, but with mortgage rates skyrocketing, it is now hard to achieve. Slovaks have a long-term preference for living in their own home, but today’s interest rates are several times higher than a year ago. Therefore, ITB Development launched a new financial program Guaranteed mortgage 1.49% with an unrivaled repayment at the level of the interest rate of 1.49% for potential buyers until 2028.

Which apartments are covered by the Guaranteed mortgage of 1.49%?

“The possibility of taking out a mortgage applies to the purchase of an apartment in the 3rd stage of the Čerešne residential project, which consists of three apartment buildings with a total number of 260 apartments of different sizes,” says Ivan Rolný, a member of the board of ITB Development.

Who provides a loan to a person interested in buying real estate?

“We will arrange the client’s housing loan itself in the bank, with the help of our contractual hypobroker. As a developer, we guarantee that the monthly installment of the mortgage loan will correspond to the amount of the loan repayment with a rate of 1.49% pa until 2028. If the mortgage repayment is higher, our financial program will compensate the difference in monthly payments regularly,” explains Rolný.

You can read more about the financial program at www.ceresne.sk/garantovana-hypoteka

What conditions must the applicant for a guaranteed mortgage meet and what does the path to a mortgage through a mortgage broker look like?

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“In order to obtain a mortgage loan, it is necessary for the client to meet the bank’s currently valid conditions for granting the loan at the time of submitting the loan application. Our contracted mortgage specialist will find and mediate the most advantageous alternative from the banks’ offer for the client,” adds Rolný.

“We guide those interested in housing through the entire process of mortgage financing – from collecting the necessary documents to applying for a loan and drawing it up,” explains Pavol Szikora, a mortgage specialist.

If you guarantee the amount of the repayment at the level of the interest rate of 1.49% pa until 2028, according to what is the interest determined subsequently?

“The 1.49% guaranteed mortgage program solves the current uncertainty associated with high interest rates until 2028. Together with many economists, we assume that in 2028 mortgage interest rates will be significantly lower than today and that the client will continue to repay even after 2028 for favorable conditions,” adds Ivan Rolný.

Benefit of accommodation for the exam for up to two nights

In addition to the guaranteed mortgage, which can help bridge the current period of expensive mortgages, ITB Development offers its clients other benefits. One of them is “Housing for the test”. Those interested in living in the Čerešne project have a unique opportunity to experience full-fledged living for two days in a fully equipped and furnished apartment with access to interior blocks with wide use.

How does housing for the exam work in practice? After signing the reservation contract and paying the refundable deposit, the person interested in housing for the test will receive the keys to the 4-room model apartment. If interested parties are still not convinced by the trial housing, they can withdraw from the reservation contract free of charge and the developer will refund the entire amount of the reservation fee.

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