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Pablo Escobar’s hitman sentenced to life in prison in the US could be released

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The trail of violence and death that the drug trafficker Pablo Escobar left in Colombia is difficult to forget, and one of the most remembered terrorist acts is the explosion of a bomb on a plane flying from Bogotá to the city of Cali on November 27, 1989.

The only person arrested for this unfortunate event was Dandeny Muñoz Mosqueraalias “La Quica”, who was arrested in the United States and sentenced to 10 life sentences for his alleged participation in the attack that left 107 people killed.

Despite the 32 years he has been behind bars, Escobar’s former hitman has always maintained his innocence, and now the possibility arises that his case will be re-examined by the FBI.

According to information from the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, Nicolás Escobarnephew of Pablo Escobar, would be the key for the US authorities to study the case of the boss’s hitman, given new details of the crime.

And, when talking about said attack in an interview with Univision, Nicolás does not mention “La Quica” in the details of the preparation that the men of the Medellín Cartel had to carry out the attack.

That is why Muñoz Mosquera’s legal team plans to present a Motion 22.55 Habeas Corpus, using this testimony as a starting point to request a review of the case.

It should be noted that, in past statements, “La Quica†has reiterated that it had no participation in the attack and that His conviction was based on testimonies from people seeking judicial benefits.

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In an interview with the Directo Directo program, Muñoz Mosquera stated that he found out about the attack the day he was captured, but that he will remain firm with his position that he did not participate in the crime.

“I never had anything to do with it, I didn’t even know“I tell you honestly, the day I realized that they had put a bomb on a plane was the day they told me they were accusing me of that. I didn’t even know they had put a bomb on a plane,” he said. €œLa Quica†.

With information from La Opinión de Los Ángeles

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