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Panela from Huilense is positioned worldwide

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Panela from Huilense is positioned worldwide

Due to its excellent characteristics as a natural sweetener, panela produced in Huila continues to gain ground in international markets, and this is reflected in the new trade agreements reached between exporting companies and panela producers from the south of the department, making the product from Huila It is found on the tables of diners in the United States and Europe.

In addition to the pulverized panela produced by the Apropanal Association of the municipality of Isnos and Procolombia began to be exported since 2021, another company in the region has reached a new bilateral agreement to send panela in a new presentation to Valencia, Spain.

This is the company Panelas Don Julio from Isnense, which after presenting various samples of the sweetener to international markets, managed to crystallize a business for the shipment of a monthly container of panela to the city of Valencia, in a new presentation called “round fractional”. Packed in packages of 9 units of 50 grams each.

However, this new demand for panela also represents a new opportunity for women and youth in the region, since to meet the delivery of these quotas of the product, a greater labor force is required, allowing the generation of 12 new jobs. .

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And there is another great advantage that benefits panela producers in the region, and that is that by selling these 19 tons of panela in international markets, it prevents the product from remaining in the region, flooding local markets, and generating a negative impact on prices. purchase of the sweetener.

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It should be noted that the sector has been having an impact with other cross-cutting projects such as the Plan for the Productive Management of Rural Property, the Departmental Plan for Agricultural Extension that impacts more than 900 producers, the Local Public Procurement market, Strengthening of Organizational Associative and Cooperative Schemes , among other actions that seek to make the panela sector more productive and competitive.

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