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Panyu Construction Organization voluntarily publishes ESG book to deliver sustainable value

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Panyu Construction Organization voluntarily publishes ESG book to deliver sustainable value

Panyu Construction has long been concerned about environmental issues. Through the establishment of a sustainable team to practice ESG, and spontaneously completed the ESG book on Panyu’s own products, environment, and society, which will be published in September 2023.

In order to solve environmental and social issues, ESG has become the mainstream of global policies in recent years. The Financial Supervisory Commission issued “Corporate Governance 3.0-Sustainable Development Blueprint” and “Sustainable Development Roadmap for Listed Companies”, requiring listed companies to complete ESG sustainability reports Book.

Panyu is not a company regulated by the Financial Supervisory Commission, but it attaches great importance to the practice of ESG responsibility, and the spontaneous implementation has become the core value of the brand and the display of corporate culture. Panyu has been established for 11 years. It has been deeply cultivating livable buildings and creating natural possibilities in the city. It incorporates sustainable thinking such as “wind, light, water, scenery, and green” into architectural design, including site selection, environmental friendliness, and city appearance. Safety, waste treatment and recycling are applied to building construction, etc. All the way, we have continued to cultivate, innovate and expand our influence on the road of sustainable development with a rigorous and kind attitude.

Pan Yu established the ESG Sustainability Team to promote various strategies for the common good of the environment.Picture/provided by the industry

Through the publication of the special book this time, it is hoped that the value of sustainability that Panyu firmly believes in will influence the upstream and downstream cooperation teams of the industrial chain, build consensus and vision, and create a better living environment for customers who agree with Panyu’s values. The content of the book is a documentary. Pan Yu uses “sustainable practice” to show the quality of exquisite construction in the process of planning, design, material selection, and construction, and takes sustainable value as the first choice of planning to create an ideal home in the future. Some look.

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Jointly implement sustainable culture within the company, call on colleagues to spontaneously carry out environmental services such as community street sweeping and tree planting, and hold foundation lectures, inviting professionals from all walks of life to pass on the influence of humanistic aesthetics and learn and grow together with the public to achieve a better future life value.

Panyu regularly cleans the streets and contributes to the environment together with residents and neighbors.Picture/provided by the industry

The postscript of the book also writes that Pan Yu’s general manager, Zhang Lijie, quoted Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos once said: “Smartness is a talent, but kindness is a choice.” Said Pan Yu, when making every decision, What is considered is not to measure the value only by the rate of return on investment and benefits, but to take goodness as the belief, pursue the life and growth of partners, and the contribution and sustainability of society. Only by insisting on starting from goodness can we endow every decision with “goodness” value”.

ESG has become a prominent study. With farsighted thinking, Panyu Construction Organization sees the importance of sustainable development of enterprises, embodies ESG in action and develops special books to publish and share, spread influence, and create a better future life for the environment and society.

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