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Paraguay presents attractions for the film industry at the Malaga festival

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Paraguay presents attractions for the film industry at the Malaga festival

This Wednesday the official presentation of Paraguay and its attractions for the film industry took place, within the framework of its participation as the leading country in the Málaga Festival Industry Zone – MAFIZ.

The presentation of the proposals offered by the country was in charge of the owners and representatives of the institutions that promoted the national presence, with projects and works that are exhibited at this important international meeting.

The opening was led by the Minister of the National Secretariat of Culture, Adriana Ortíz, who invited people to discover the riches and values ​​that Paraguay offers, in services to the entire creative community, through agreements between public and private institutions.

The director of the Paraguayan National Audiovisual Institute spoke about the calls for competitive funds that award monetary contributions, to collaborate in the financing of projects that include several sources of income.

Next, Natalia Cáceres, executive secretary of the National Council of Maquiladora Export Industries of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, mentioned the application of fiscal tools, in this case Maquila, which offers a single tax of 1%, on the total value invoiced to the foreign company.

In turn, from the National Secretariat of Tourism, the Marketing Director, Luis Duarte, pointed out that they are working to make Paraguay a film destination. To this end, all audiovisual projects to be carried out in the country will be declared of tourist interest, with which they will have free access to venues, which are under the administration of Senatur.

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He also mentioned hotel capacity, the generation of packages for production teams and projects to enhance film locations, among others.

For the municipality of Asunción, the director of Culture of the city, Marcela Bacigalupo, focused on the Asunción Film Commission – COFILMA, made up of the municipality and the private sector, with the aim of promoting and developing cinematographic and audiovisual actions. , highlighting, among other topics, the transparency and streamlining of administrative procedures linked to the planning and filming of cinematographic works in the city, of which he detailed the attractions it offers, the historical images, mixed with modern architecture.

For Dinapi, the interim general director of Copyright and Related Rights, Gonzalo Gómez Forzley, aimed at promotion and training mainly in relation to everything that concerns an entire creation of audiovisual production, both in the legal questions of protection of all intellectual rights, in order to reach excellent agreements under contracts, distribution of works, license to use brands, etc.

Another highlight was the support that Dinapi provides to INAP in projects nominated for competitive funds.

The director of Diversity, Rights and Cultural Processes of the National Secretariat of Culture, Natalia Alvarenga, said that they have the Audiovisual Directorate, which articulates actions between the public, private and audiovisual sectors, accompanying all the initiatives of this sector. She also highlighted that the entity declares all cinematographic works, filmed in the country, of cultural interest.

Finally, the Consul General of Paraguay in Malaga, Minister Kathya Bareiro, addressed the auditorium, highlighting the country’s participation in MAFIZ, which demonstrates, in addition to all the benefits presented, the preparation to promote and attract investments from the international film industry. .

The presentation of the benefits and attractions of Paraguay as a film destination in South America was held at the Cajarmar Auditorium, in the city of Malaga, as part of the MAFIZ activities. It had the participation of directors and producers from several countries, interested in learning about and scheduling locations for their film or fiction project.

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Source: IP Agency news portal.

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