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Parex alerts for false job offers in the name of the company in Casanare – news

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Due to the non-execution of a cooperation agreement that ensured the prevention and care of child abuse, intrafamily violence and sexual abuse in the municipality of Aguazul (Casanare), the Management of the Comptroller General of the Republic in this department issued a ruling with fiscal responsibility for more than $905 million pesos (in total $905,448,129.67).

The control body did not find support for the execution of the cooperation agreement No. 402 of 2014 signed between the municipality of Aguazul and the Association for the Integral Development of the Family “ADIFCOL”, which had the objective of “carrying out prevention and care actions for violence and child abuse, domestic violence and sexual abuse, through campaigns, workshops and strategies in the municipality of Aguazul”.

The Departmental Management assumed this matter by transfer made to it by the Departmental Comptroller of Casanare, for reasons of competition, given that the affected resources come from royalties belonging to the Municipality of Aguazul, with respect to which the CGR exercises fiscal control.

Within the framework of the audit that gave rise to the fiscal discovery, folders were found that lacked supports that accredit the hiring of the professionals required to develop the object of the agreement, as well as no evidence was found that the activities had been carried out in the Educational Institutions of the municipality.

The Comptroller’s Findings

The Collegiate Departmental Management of the CGR in Casanare issued a judgment with fiscal responsibility, by way of gross negligence, in the amount of NINE HUNDRED FIVE MILLION FOUR HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE PESOS AND SIXTY-SEVEN CENTS M/CTE. ($905,448,129.67), jointly and severally, against:

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2. OSCAR MAURICIO CRUZ HOLGUÍN, then Secretary of the Government and expenditure manager, signed agreement No. 402/2014 and performed supervision tasks.

3. JOSE JAVIER GONZALEZ GIL, then Head of the Legal Office with the functions of Secretary of Government, delegated as supervisor of Agreement No. 402 of 2014. He signed Settlement Act No. 07 on August 26, 2015, in which he did not the value of the item presumably not executed was discounted, according to the Departmental Audit Report.

Likewise, the SOLIDARY INSURER OF COLOMBIA, in its capacity as guarantor, was declared civilly responsible third party.

There are appeals against this decision (before the Departmental Management of the CGR) and appeals (under the jurisdiction of the Delegate Comptroller for Fiscal Responsibility, Judicial Intervention and Coercive Collection/Fiscal Responsibility Unit).

Source: Comptroller General of the Republic

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