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Parks and museums open, what to do in August for those who stay in Pordenone

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Parks and museums open, what to do in August for those who stay in Pordenone

Those who do not like confusion and have no desire to venture into the day at the sea, in the mountains or at the lake, will still be able to find a way to spend pleasant hours in the city, even with children. beyond the appointments of the Summer program in the city, there are the two civic museums in the center – the Ricchieri art civic in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and the Zenari natural history museum located in Piazza della Motta – which will be open from 15 to 19.

The art museum, in addition to the collections that allow you to appreciate works by Pordenone, the main artist of the city, offers temporary exhibitions as usual. The exhibition “È per semper Magredi” by the artists Mara Fabbro, Alberto Pasqual and Sergio Vaccher ends on the 15th. A very topical exhibition because, through different art forms, it also explores the relationship between man and nature also in the form of environmental denunciation. The natural science museum instead offers its own collections, unknown even to many Pordenone residents. For the civic museums this is an extra service, since the opening is normally guaranteed from Thursday to Sunday. The Harry Bertoia gallery, however, is not open, where the photographic exhibition “Broken down mosaics” is currently underway. Maurizio Galimberti which will open on August 26th. Even Ricchieri, after the exhibition dedicated to the Magredi, will host a new exhibition, which will be inaugurated in the period near Pordenonelegge.

This is the personal exhibition dedicated to the Pordenone painter Angelo Giannelli, which will allow the Pordenone people to see some works from private collections and others that are part of the museum’s heritage. The Friuli comic art building, which is located in Parco Galvani, is open every day, except on Mondays and the day of August 15th will be no exception. As early as Tuesday, however, it will be possible to visit the exhibition “Blacksad i colori del noir” by Guarnido and the one dedicated to Tony Wolf, an illustrator loved by children.

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Those who do not love culture and are looking for a day in the middle of nature can take advantage of the city parks, complete with a route from San Valentino – the inclusive park – passing through the San Carlo, the seminary park and the park of the Roman baths of Torre . An ideal circuit also for a bike outing. The renovated Galvani park is also always open, a green lung open to the city.

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