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Partido de la U confirms its opposition to the labor reform proposed by the Petro Government

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Partido de la U confirms its opposition to the labor reform proposed by the Petro Government

The director of the U Party, Dilian Francisca Toro, has officially announced that the group will not support the labor reform promoted by the government of Gustavo Petro in the Congress of the Republic.

The labor reform is currently being processed in the Seventh Committee of the House of Representatives, but due to the lack of a quorum, it has not been able to start the first debate effectively.

In a statement, the party has expressed its “serious concerns” regarding certain aspects that appear in the text presented by the Government, since they could affect small and medium-sized companies, which are responsible for generating about 90% of employment. in the country.

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In this sense, the Bancada de La U has decided not to support the Labor Reform project of the National Government and to focus its efforts on obtaining the approval of an alternate paper presented by the Representative to the Chamber for the Party of La U, Víctor Manuel Salcedo . This presentation arises as a result of “conversations agreed with workers, academics and the business sector, which makes it a respectful and balanced reform that takes into account the interests of all sectors of society,” according to Toro.

This presentation will also receive the support of other sectors, which initially complicates the outlook for the Government, since up to now it has not managed to gather the necessary majorities to start voting on the initiative, just three weeks before the end of the current period. of sessions.

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For his part, Efraín Cepeda, director of the Conservative Party, had previously announced that the community will not vote in favor of the labor reform project presented by the National Government either. Cepeda argues that this proposal not only does not promote employment, but destroys it. In addition, he believes that micro and small businesses will be the most affected and will be led to bankruptcy and informality.

The labor reform proposed by the Petro government faces strong opposition and must seek consensus and majorities to achieve its approval before the end of the session.

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