Home News Paul Haggis remains under house arrest in Ostuni. The defense: “Consensual relations and no injury”

Paul Haggis remains under house arrest in Ostuni. The defense: “Consensual relations and no injury”

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Paul Haggis remains under house arrest in Ostuni.  The defense: “Consensual relations and no injury”

The Oscar-winning director and screenwriter Paul Haggis remains under house arrest in Ostuni. This was decided by the investigating judge of the Court of Brindisi Vilma Gilli who did not validate the arrest due to lack of the danger of escape, but applied the precautionary measure against him for sexual violence against a 30-year-old English woman. In the interrogation this morning, assisted by the lawyer Michele LaforgiaHaggis had answered the questions by pleading innocent.

Haggis is accused of sexual violence and for this reason he has been under house arrest since last Sunday in a hotel in Ostuni (Brindisi).

Paul Haggis arrested for sexual assault, victim charges: “I didn’t want to but he abused me twice”

by Giuliano Foschini

In Puglia he should have participated in a film festival, the Allora fest, paid for with Covid funds by the Puglia Region. With the director there is his legal defense, Michele Laforgiawho had already announced that Haggis will answer the questions of the investigating judge Vilma Gilli. The director and his lawyer did not release any statements upon their arrival but Laforgia instead met with reporters at the end of the interrogation.

“Maximum collaboration and confident expectation for what the results of the investigations will be. Haggis answered all the questions asked by the judge, the prosecutors and the defense. Mr. Haggis himself declared his willingness to stay in Italy until his total innocence will not be definitively established, “Laforgia said. The lawyer spoke with the reporters at the end of the interrogation to validate the arrest that took place before the investigating judge of Brindisi Gilli.

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“Paul Haggis explained how things went. He pleaded totally innocent, as he did in the immediate arrest. The relations he had with this woman are totally consensual during these three days spent together in Ostuni. We have clarified – Laforgia specified -, even contrary to what is assumed in the charges, that there is no injury and no sign of violence “.

“I believe – underlined the criminal lawyer from Bari – that they misinterpreted the report from the Emergency Department, where the girl was visited following the complaint. Now we are waiting for the ruling of the judge who will have to pronounce on both the arrest and the request for the prosecution , which is to maintain house arrest pending urgent investigations. “

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