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Pay your property tax before March 27 and get a 5% discount

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Pay your property tax before March 27 and get a 5% discount

Medellín taxpayers who make the full payment of the property tax before March 27 will benefit from a 5% discount for paying the invoice early in the first quarter of the year and being up to date with the previous validity periods.

People can pay through the enabled virtual channels, from wherever they are and without having to wait in lines, by entering the portal www.medellin.gov.co/pagoimpuestos.

Those who prefer to do so in person can go with their invoice to the Treasury ticket office, on the first floor of the District Administrative Center or to the following banking entities: Bancolombia, Banco de Occidente, Davivienda, Banco de Bogotá, Banco AV Villas, Banco Caja Social, BBVA, Colpatria, Coofinep, Confiar, Banco GNB Sudameris and Cooperativa Financiera de Antioquia –CFA.

Orlando Uribe, Secretary of the Treasury of Medellín, expressed: “We want to invite citizens to make the annualized payment of this tax, which is one of the main sources of financing for our District. In 2023, a total of 354,911 taxpayers took advantage of this benefit. This year we want to increase the number so that, together, we promote the recovery of our city by investing in health, education, infrastructure projects and different social programs.”

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