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PCP: verification is needed to strengthen the majority

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The advisers of the Progressive Civic Project warn: «for the recovery we need political stability. The relevant knots must be untied at the root “

AOSTA. The majority verification “can no longer be postponed”. This was confirmed once again by the council group Progetto Civico Progressista led by Erika Guichardaz.

Yesterday the seven progressive councilors met to address the political situation after the internal rift on the hospital and the friction with the autonomist component.

In a note, the seven reaffirm the need for the majority to face an «evaluation of behavior, methods and approach to choices in the health field, but also in the transport sector, environmental protection and land use. And not only”.

«To accompany the economic recovery in an effective way – they say – it is necessary to give political stability that derives from a convinced choice with respect to the objectives to be achieved and the relevant knots that must be solved at the root. A serious and respectful evaluation of the state of implementation of the program can only strengthen and consolidate this majority ».

“To support the recovery – reads the press release – it is important that, alongside the state interventions already approved and being defined, there is also as soon as possible the approval of the regional law on refreshments to which the advising group is giving full support and his important contribution “.

Finally, a consideration on the anti Covid vaccination campaign. The PCP expresses “satisfaction with the progress of the vaccination campaign in Valle d’Aosta which makes it possible to gradually reopen many activities and to provide for some important exceptions to national rules, without prejudice to the fundamental objective of protecting the health of the Valle d’Aosta”.

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