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Pd, Ricci is not a candidate for the secretariat: “I support Bonaccini”

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Pd, Ricci is not a candidate for the secretariat: “I support Bonaccini”

The mayor of Pesaro and coordinator of the Pd mayors, Matteo Ricci, withdraws from the race for the primaries for party secretary and announces his support for Stefano Bonaccini. “He has his own platform – he said during a press conference in Pesaro – we make our ideas available, our 10-point program, to move the bar further to the left”. But Ricci also asks that “the mayors really go ahead”.

Ricci has reconstructed his journey towards the primaries, made up of meetings on the territories throughout Italy, “going to dinner with families, going to talk to the disappointed”, the elaboration of the ten points. «At the moment we are third parties – he explained – and the mechanism of the primaries leaves no spaces. I told Bonaccini that two-way primaries are dangerous, because they risk spreading apart. I explained our 10 points to him, he guaranteed me that he will extend to the left with a vision more relevant to our proposals. He looked for me and wanted to discuss with me. We need a solid guide »he underlined, however defining Elly Schlein, the other candidate,« a resource ».

«I believe that it is one thing to expand and one thing to drive. We need solid guidance. I believe in the mess tin, I believe in it a lot. I think that leading complex organizations, parties, local authorities, is essential. Then, I am proud to be a member of a party. I am convinced that Elly Schlein will make a fundamental contribution to the congress, he will bring in many young people, but I believe that at this moment we must entrust the leadership to an experienced manager and administrator. Next Friday we will have an important conference in Rome, with Stefano and many others who share this approach».

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As for his involvement in the future structure of the Democratic Party, “I didn’t ask for anything, for me it is a question of political line and unity”. The coordinator of the Pd mayors also spoke with the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, “I told him that we really need to keep the mayors going”.

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