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Peace on the level of the lakes: there will be no more emptying

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Peace on the level of the lakes: there will be no more emptying

The mayor of Pieve di Cadore Casagrande pulled Zaia by the jacket. The Regional Crisis Unit ensures: temporary withdrawal from Mis but stop from today

PIEVE DI CADORE. Water, from the war to the armistice. The water crisis unit of the Region, after the protests of the mayors, decided not to further empty the lakes of Mis, Centro Cadore and Santa Croce. This was communicated by the implementing body for the coordination for the water emergency in Veneto Nicola Dell’Acqua, personally contacting the mayors involved.

Yesterday morning, Bepi Casagrande, at the Pieve di Cadore hospital, took President Luca Zaia aside, expressing his and his colleagues’ bewilderment at not even having been warned of the lowering of the three lakes. “We are willing, God forbid, to guarantee what is necessary for irrigation, but we cannot find out about it from your press releases and from the newspapers.”

Zaia agreed on the need for the involvement of the mayors and after having said publicly – at the inauguration of the new helicopter base – that the plain needs water also for drinking purposes, as in the case of Caorle, as well as the Polesine, he probably called Dell ‘Aqua to restore the relationship with the mayors.

“With reference to the decree of the implementing body that disposes to activate some actions to counter the saline wedge of the Livenza in order to guarantee drinking water in the towns of Caorle, it should be noted that no major derivations have been made from the lakes of Santa Croce and Pieve di Cadore », Explains Dell’Acqua, in fact denying the previous version of the info released by the Region. «In fact, since 25 July, the date of installation of the Crisis Unit, the withdrawals in the aforementioned lakes have not increased. The only lake from which the withdrawal has increased since 2 August is that of the Mis, but it was a temporary withdrawal. In fact, starting tomorrow (today for those who read, ed) this lake will also be included in the ordinary withdrawals ».

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It was the mayor of Sospirolo Mario De Bon who threatened the barricades. Its lake is 40% of the invasive.

As for the lake of Santa Croce, the mayor of Alpago, Alberto Peterle, declared that he had been informed by the Enel managers of the fact that the Region had asked for water; probably those 4 cubic meters per second given to Meschio to improve the situation of Livenza.

“” Finally, it is emphasized that if, pending the state of water emergency, conditions should arise such as to have to resort to greater withdrawals from the lakes mentioned as well as from other lakes in the Veneto, the mayors of the municipalities involved would be consulted before taking any decision in merit within the Crisis Unit, ”assures Dell’Acqua, evidently on the basis of Zaia’s recommendations, as well as the protests of the mayors not interviewed.

In the case of Lake Santa Croce it is known, for example, that the water level is 380 meters, a few meters below the so-called tourist level.

Zaia specified yesterday, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Hems base in Pieve di Cadore, that the reclamation consortia, which would not have asked for water supplements, are excluded from this emergency.

Yesterday, meanwhile, the Council of the basin met during which the concern for drinking water returned to be rationalized if new precipitations did not arrive.

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