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Pedro Sanchez affirms his permanent support for the autonomy plan

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Pedro Sanchez affirms his permanent support for the autonomy plan

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Pedro Sanchez, Prime Minister of Spain, said, “For 50 years, we have been witnessing a bitter struggle over the Sahara issue, and the right moment has come, which must get out of this situation and change it.”

This came in the context of his interview with journalist Jordi Evol, in which he was a guest on the Spanish channel (La sexta), on Sunday evening. The meeting was in the context of the media outings that Pedro Sanchez is carrying out, in preparation for the general elections on July 23, after the great loss suffered by the Spanish Socialist Workers Party, in the Spanish local elections at the end of last May, in favor of the Spanish Popular Party.

In this context, Sanchez highlighted that countries such as the United States of America and major European countries stress the need to find other ways to resolve this conflict, noting that these countries believe that the practical solution to this conflict lies in the autonomy plan, which is “the most feasible and realistic.” for implementation,” stressing that his country adopts a supportive position for this initiative, which is the correct position, within the framework of United Nations Security Council resolutions.

When the journalist asked him about Spain’s submission to blackmail by the Kingdom, in order to recognize the autonomy plan, the head of the Spanish government replied firmly, saying: “I never share this description with you, and as head of the Spanish government, I strongly reject that.”

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Sanchez stressed the importance of the strategic relationship with Morocco, based on a mutual commercial vision and an economic vision, describing Morocco as the main gateway to Africa today.

At the end of his speech, he highlighted that the Moroccan-Spanish relations are an extended and solid project related to many crucial files, such as the elimination of terrorism and extremism, illegal immigration, and other priority issues.

It is worth noting that Pedro Sanchez’s outputs are consistent with the discourse consolidated by the two countries within the framework of bilateral relations, by bypassing contentious files, and focusing on strategic issues that are witnessing unprecedented development since Spain’s historic recognition of the autonomy plan, as a realistic solution that breaks with any interpretation. tendentious.

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