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Peking University Red House and the “Red Prologue to the Glorious Cause” themed exhibition opens to the public

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Yesterday, the Peking University Red House and the theme exhibition of “The Red Prologue of the Glorious Great Deeds-Peking University Red House and the Early Beijing Revolution Activities of the Communist Party of China” were officially opened to the public. All 1,000 appointments were filled. The audience walked into the Progress Hall, and through carefully reading old newspapers and old archives, they searched for the starting point of the red color and gained the strength to move forward. Huang Chunfeng, deputy curator of the Early Beijing Revolutionary Activities Memorial Hall of the Communist Party of China, said that the early stage of the exhibition was mainly for group appointments, and the appointments were basically full in the next week.

In the exhibition hall, with the explanation of the explainer, the audience lingered between the exhibition halls, stopping in front of restored historical landscapes and cultural relics one by one, or quietly reading and thinking, or taking pictures with mobile phones. Chen Chen, secretary of the Youth League Committee of Beijing 65th Middle School, said that the school organized 50 party members and cadres and outstanding student league members to visit. Before the renovation of the Red Building at Peking University, the school organized students to visit to learn about the revolutionary history of Li Dazhao and Chen Duxiu, promoting the early spread of Marxism in China, brewing and preparing for the establishment of the Communist Party of China. On the first day of the opening of the Peking University Red House and themed exhibition, come to visit again, “Every room is worth savoring.”

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In the red building, the six restored sites of the library director’s room, the chief of arts and sciences room, the second reading room, the May Fourth parade preparation room, the registration room, and the large classroom made the audience remember deeply. Senior high school student Wang Yueyang of 65th Middle School said, “As soon as the progress hall, I feel the atmosphere of history. In the May Fourth parade preparation room, I seemed to approach the young students at that time and saw them rushing to make flags and write slogans overnight. Feel their patriotism.” Wang Yueyang said that many historical materials in the exhibition deeply impressed her, and every word is powerful. “Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu, Mao Zedong and other ancestors are like stars in the sky, showing the way forward for us a hundred years later.”

Qin Suyin, deputy director of the Research Office of the Beijing New Culture Movement Memorial Hall, participated in the restoration of the old site. She said that every restoration has been carefully designed and as evidenced as possible. For example, in the May Fourth parade preparation room, white banners with slogans were tied up and stood against the wall. This scene was restored based on the memoirs of students who participated in the May 4th parade. The library director’s office where Li Dazhao worked was restored in the 1950s. That year, experts interviewed colleagues who had worked with Li Dazhao, and collected some real objects. “Some restoration scenes also provide references for other restorations.” She gave an example. The Journal of Peking University recorded that a telephone was installed in the log-in room, but did not record the specific model information. Later, based on the phone restored in the room of the librarian, I chose the same phone to install it. “As far as possible in line with the characteristics of the age.”

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In front of a wall clock in the office of the director of Changxindian Machinery Factory, Shi Baoye, secretary of the Party Committee of Xidian Community, Gaobeidian Township, stopped for a long time. She said: “The hands of the clock will always stay at a certain moment in a hundred years. The time wheel is rolling forward. Our party and our ancestors have gone through ups and downs to achieve today’s happy life. As a party member, I will Inherit and carry forward the revolutionary spirit of the predecessors, and strive to create new achievements.”

Chen Chen said that reading carefully the “New Youth” exhibited in each book, every word is very touching. From here, you can see the original intention of the ancestors and draw the strength to move forward.

According to Huang Chunfeng, the early stage of the exhibition is mainly for group appointments. In the future, it will be open to the public for free depending on the situation. (Reporter Li Qiyao Niu Weikun)


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